PR1: Outdoor Parks & Rec Beach Volleyball System

Outdoor Parks & Rec Beach Volleyball System
Inexpensive Outdoor Volleyball Equipments
Inexpensive Volleyball Equipment
Volleyball Equipment for Bars and restaurants


Perfect for Outdoor Parks & Rec, Apartment & Condominium Communities, Hotels & Resorts

Strong, safe and durable

Specifically designed and engineered to withstand the elements

Easy installation and set-up with a direct mount into a concrete pier.

Simple net height adjustment

The ratchet has a removable handle for safety.

Made in the USA

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The PR1 Beach Volleyball poles are constructed of 3” square steel tubing with rounded edges for strength and safety. A static hook collar attaches to 1 of the poles at the appropriate net height to accept 1 end of the top net cable.  A pulley wheel collar attaches to the other pole to accept the other end of the top net cable.  Changing the net height can be done by simply releasing some tension from the net, loosening the static hook collar and the pulley wheel collar and repositioning them to the desired net height.  The poles are shipped in 2 equal parts for easy installation.  This system allows for multiple courts to be set up side-by-side using a common center pole.

*Please note volleyball poles are also commonly referred to as volleyball posts, uprights or standards.


  • 3” square steel tubing with rounded edges
  • Comes in 2 equal parts for easy installation
  • Up to 12’ in overall length
  • 9 permanent net height settings from 6’ to 8’
  • 4” polycarbonate pulley wheel
  • Plastic pole cap to prevent sand and water penetration
  • BNR is used to achieve proper net tension

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A complete net system requires two poles, one ratchet, one net, one antenna and may or may not require sleeves. Contact your regional representative to customize your net system to meet your needs.


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