The Best Way to Store Volleyball Equipment

Volleyball Net System Storage Tips to Extend the Life of Your Equipment
How to Store Volleyball Equipment Properly


How you store your volleyball equipment is almost as important as choosing the right volleyball net system. Properly storing your volleyball poles, nets, and other parts will extend the life of your volleyball equipment during the off-season and between games. What is the best way to store your volleyball net system and all of its integral parts? Follow these volleyball equipment storage tips to ensure that each piece stays intact and protected for years to come.

Volleyball Net System Storage Tips

Volleyball Pole Storage

The best way to store indoor poles is on a wall rack or pole storage cart. Using a locking volleyball pole wall rack will keep your poles secure during the off-season and prolong the life of your volleyball poles. Volleyball upright wall storage racks also reduce the space needed for storing the rest of your volleyball equipment.

Volleyball Net System Accessories Storage

Proper volleyball net system accessories storage is important to keeping each part of your system protected. Follow each of these steps to ensure you are storing your accessories correctly:

  • Detach volleyball antennas and place them in a storage closet to keep them safe and secure.
  • Detach the velcro side straps, then reattach the velcro to itself to prevent it from attaching to other straps while in storage.
  • At the end of the season, store an extra crank in your coach’s bag and one in a volleyball cart.

Volleyball Net Storage

The worst thing for a coach to find at the beginning of the season is a tangled up volleyball net! Be sure to walk the net off the court and hang it on a volleyball net wall rack in your gym or storage closet to avoid any unnecessary tangling.

Storage for Volleyballs

You can cut down on time spent storing balls after practices with a large volleyball cart.The BC1 volleyball cart can hold 50 volleyballs plus other equipment inside its pockets. After the cart is zipped up, you can safely lock away your volleyball equipment by attaching a small lock through the holes of the zipper.

Care for Volleyball Floorplates

Extend the life of your volleyball floorplates by vacuuming out the volleyball sleeves found underneath them. This will help keep debris at bay all season long.

Care for Volleyball Pole Pads

After games and practices, wipe down your volleyball pole pads with a mild dish soap and pat them dry before storing them. This process will ensure that your volleyball pole pads are kept in great condition all throughout the year.

The Best Volleyball STORAGE Equipment

These volleyball net and system storage tips are just the beginning. As coaches, we understand that the start of volleyball season can be quite hectic, so reordering replacement parts and reevaluating storage equipment at the end of each season is strongly recommended. Sports Imports volleyball equipment storage options will ensure that you and your team are prepared, so you can start off each practice and game ready and raring to go!

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