BYOP®: Bring Your Own Parent Volleyball Program is On the Rise

Founder, Ruth Nelson leads the program with experience, expertise and passion.
Youth Volleyball Program Bring Your Own Parent

The BYOP®: Bring your Own Parent Volleyball Program is on the rise in the United States.  Founded by Ruth Nelson over fourteen years ago, BYOP® is a volleyball program committed to developing fundamental volleyball skills as well as life lessons to both the player and the parent.  As a former player and coach at the collegiate, national, and professional levels with over 500 wins, Ruth brings over 40 years of volleyball experience to the program.  Her passion for the sport of volleyball led her to develop an elementary age focused program committed to developing well rounded athletes with a positive attitude, and a love for the sport of volleyball.  She believes young athletes are more apt to absorb new information with the assistance of a parent.

BYOP® is also a great way to promote family bonding time through physical activity without the pressures of competing at a young age.  Parents are encouraged to fully participate in each session and are also asked to be engaged in the home training program that involves both physical and skill based activities.  Nelson feels it is important for parents to want to learn, have enthusiasm, and the energy to enjoy their daughters and their improvement without setting limitations.  Nelson says, “If you can educate parents, it’s going to inspire club coaches, high school coaches, and outside trainers to become better.”  Nelson also believes taking the time to educate parents early on will help them be more supportive of coaches in the future.  

Teaching the girls life lessons through the sport of volleyball is another key focus of the program.  Nelson encourages the girls to take the time to create quotes to inspire each other.  One of the quotes the BYOP® program utilizes reinforces respectful language toward the parent.  “Pink and black, don’t talk back” is used frequently among the girls as well as “we love our parents” and “we love volleyball!”

Youth Volleyball

Nelson not only encourages parents to participate in the course, but she also welcomes P.E. teachers, high school volleyball players, club volleyball coaches, recreational volleyball coaches, and even young athletes interested in learning more about the sport of volleyball.  Nelson is impressed with young players taking the time to enlist in the BYOP® program and says, “High School kids are becoming volleyball coaches!”

BYOP Volleyball Program

The Bring Your Own Parent Volleyball Program has grown and developed into seven states as of 2017 and Ruth Nelson is committed to growing the program across the country.  She has teamed up with the Art of Coaching Volleyball by creating a unique course series to teach anyone interested in developing youth volleyball players.  The course teaches the basic four individual volleyball skills and basic game strategies, so the athletes become consistent with their techniques and high performing athletes as well.  The BYOP® Online Training Series consists of four modules including an overview of passing, setting, serving, and attacking.  In addition, online courses BYOP® 201 and 301 are scheduled to come out in 2018 to help continue to educate individuals interested in building their volleyball knowledge base.  

Nelson’s experience with the sport of volleyball has led her to share her knowledge by helping teachers, parents, coaches, and players grow and develop.  If you are interested in bringing the BYOP® program to your state, Nelson suggests taking time to review the BYOP® Official website:  She also recommends completing a BYOP® Instructor Application and reviewing the online courses presented by The Art of Coaching Volleyball:  After completing the necessary courses and application, a phone interview/Skype will be arranged.  If selected, coaches are invited to attend Instructor Courses and to continue their BYOP® education as well.