Net Systems


Refresh Your Volleyball Equipment for Season

Are you competition ready?

Is your volleyball equipment in need of a refresh for the upcoming season? Sports Imports offers easy solutions to ensure that your volleyball equipment is up to competition standards and stored properly when not being used. Now is the perfect …
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Difference Between Indoor Volleyball Poles and Beach Volleyball Poles

Indoor Volleyball Poles and Outdoor Volleyball Poles: What’s the Difference?

Making Sense of Different Volleyball Net Systems

Volleyball net systems are not one in the same. Just as each type of volleyball play comes with its own set of rules and court sizes, the volleyball poles used for indoor volleyball and outdoor volleyball also differ greatly. To …
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Volleyball Net Heights

Regulation Volleyball Net Heights: A Definitive Guide

Official Regulation Volleyball Net Heights for Olympic, Professional, NCAA, Recreation, High School, Middle School, and Youth Teams

Determining the right volleyball net height for your team is important for many reasons. As a coach, knowing accurate volleyball net heights is crucial for following the rules of the game, as well as being prepared for the officials on …
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Customized Volleyball Net System

Customizing your Volleyball Net System

Begin Net System Customization Preparation During Preseason

What kind of volleyball coach are you?  Are you organized and prepared, or do you procrastinate and realize on gameday that you need another crank for your volleyball net system?  We want to assist you with being the best volleyball …
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how to set-up an indoor volleyball net system, set up volleyball poles, attach volleyball net

How to Setup an Indoor Volleyball Net System

Setting up a Senoh Volleyball Net System or Sports Imports Net System is quick and easy.

Let’s take a look at everything you will need to set up your new indoor volleyball net system: Two volleyball poles Crank Handle Two volleyball pole safety pads A volleyball net Six hook and loop net tension side straps, or …
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