Beach Volleyball to Become an Official High School Sport in Florida

May 24, 2016

Beach volleyball is the fastest growing sport in the United States, especially at the collegiate and high school levels.  Earlier this month, the NCAA made history by hosting a very successful Inaugural Women’s Collegiate Beach Volleyball Championship in Gulf Shores, Alabama.  To add …
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Professional Senoh Volleyball Net

What Makes Sports Imports Volleyball Nets the Best?

  The Sports Imports HM50 Competition Indoor Volleyball Net is the world’s most popular professional volleyball net, and is exclusively manufactured by Senoh for Sports Imports.  This heavy duty volleyball net is the volleyball industry standard and leader, and is used …
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March Padness at Sports Imports!

Enter our March Padness Contest to win a pair of Custom Volleyball Pole Safety Pads

March Madness at Sports Imports means March Padness!  We want to help you outfit your indoor or beach volleyball net system with free Custom Volleyball Pole Safety Pads to showcase your spirit!  Sports Imports custom pads help promote team spirit with …
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Made in the USA: How Sports Imports Carbon Volleyball Poles are Made

How does Sports Imports achieve the strength of steel in a 19 lb. carbon pole? It's in the design, materials and manufacturing process.

How does a 19 lb. carbon fiber volleyball pole achieve the strength of steel?  Engineering, Materials and Process.   The Sports Imports engineering team carefully designs each volleyball pole for superior performance during a volleyball match, and selects the highest-grade materials …
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Sports Imports Carbon Volleyball Equipment

The Sports Imports Carbon Credit Program – Pay it Forward

The proprietary engineering behind our SI-1 and CO-8 is one of the reasons Sports Imports Carbon Volleyball Poles stand alone. Our Carbon Poles are designed and manufactured with unique technology that makes them the strongest, lightest, and most durable Carbon Poles …
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February Coaches Box Giveaway

February is the month of love, and we want to show our love for volleyball coaches by giving away a Coaches Box at the end of the month!  To be eligible to win, visit our Facebook page and comment …
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Vertec Vertical Jump Trainer Equipment Guide

Vertec Vertical Jump Trainer Equipment: A Quick Guide

Vertical Jump Trainers Help Athletes Improve More Than Their Vertical Leap

Athletes are always looking for ways to improve their skills and boost athletic performance; whether they need to increase their running speed or improve strength and stamina. Adding a vertical jump trainer to a sports training program can be a …
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Vertec Set-up Instructions

Let us show you how to set up your Vertec to get the most accurate results!

Vertec (Freestanding) Setup Instructions Click on the link above to get step-by-step one-time and daily set up instructions of your Freestanding Vertec Jump Trainer. Also includes directions on alignment, height adjustment, reset, reading height scores and safety considerations. Vertec (Wall Mount) …
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Pickleball, Badminton, and Mini-Volleyball

Cross training between multiple sports.

Mini-volleyball, badminton, and pickleball teach ball, court, and net skills, as well as provide basic preparation for volleyball and tennis. Mini-volleyball was designed as an initiation to “regular” volleyball for young children who cannot easily play on full-sized equipment. It …
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