Volleyball Season Equipment Checklist

THE TIME IS HERE! Leading the volleyball equipment industry for over 45 years, our recommended checklist will help ensure you are ready for this season. Make sure your team is fully prepared for volleyball season with the highest-rated, leading equipment that will take your team to the next level.


All-Carbon SI-1 Volleyball Pole 

The SI-1 was the first all-carbon volleyball pole in the industry and remains the best-selling pole on the market. With over 15k poles sold across the nation, the SI-1 weighs only 19 pounds and has a lifetime performance warranty to back it up. Engineered for performance, strength, and durability, the SI-1 has been the top choice for coaches and athletic directors at every level of play for over 10 years.



HM50 Net

You can’t perform at your best this season with an old net! Our HM50 Net is compatible with all Sports Imports poles and is designed to withstand the test of time. Make sure to replace your net for ultimate performance. Its lightweight, strong, flexible features make the HM50 the trusted net of choice by over 90% of men’s and women’s college programs, high schools, and volleyball clubs nationwide.



Crank Handle

Don’t forget the CH2 Crank Handle! The crank handle is required for use with our superior performing HDNR-net ratchet, and the CH2 is the key to achieve perfect net height with every set up.

Many coaches order multiple CH2s in case one gets lost ( hint – check the pocket of your ball cart bag – it’s probably in there!)


24″ Coaches Box

The 24″ Coaches Box is in stock and ready to ship! It is a top-selling product for coaches because both players and staff can use the CB24 to run training drills at net height – saving practice time and increasing repetitions. The CB24 gives you that extra boost to consistently hit over your volleyball net during practice. Save storage space by folding the Coaches Box when not in use – all sizes fold to just 3 inches in width! Looking for a different size? Check out our CBXL18 and CB18!



Trainer+ Setting Tool

Versatile, sleek, and mobile, the Trainer+ is the all-in-one training tool to take level up your volleyball practices. Perfect for players at all levels, the Trainer+ is adjustable in height and head frame angles, delivering countless options for setting and passing drills. The weighted base keeps the Trainer+ secure and can be used with 4 interchangeable head frames (Large Hoop, Small Hoop, Vertec Head, and U-shaped Head).

Need practice drill ideas? 4x DI National Championship Coach, Salima Rockwell, created practice drills specifically for the Trainer+ for you to use!



Customized Ball Cart

The newest addition to the Sports Imports custom line of equipment, the Customized Ball Cart is the highest rated volleyball storage cart on the market at the lowest price. The Customized Ball Cart’s key features include a hooded hammock design, a removable bag with a zipper, pockets for crank handle storage, room for 50 volleyballs, and NOW you can include your team’s name, logo, or mascot on the heavy-duty bag. Already have the BC1 Ball cart? Get a custom replacement bag to show off your school spirit.


Customized Pads

Show off your school spirit! Sports Imports Customized Pads are the best way to show off your team’s logo or mascot while ensuring safety, durability, and ease of use. Our in-house design team will work with you to create a masterpiece to complete the look of your net system.  Our custom pads can be seen at the NCAA Championships, USA Volleyball Junior Nationals, State Tournaments, and more!


Vertec Jump Trainer

Improve your team’s vertical jumping! The Vertec is the ORIGINAL vertical jump tester and remains the #1 multi-sport training tool across the nation. Used by successful athletes at every level, the Vertec can be seen at the NFL combine, training facilities, volleyball + basketball programs, and more. The strategic placement of the multi-colored vanes allows for immediate, accurate results. The half inch increments range from 6′ to 12′ and they are easy to reset for every player.

Ready to test your athletes?  Check out tips from Strength + Conditioning Coach Steve Oldenburg and Head Volleyball Coach Scott Mattera of OLLU.


Now it’s game time!

Now that your volleyball gym is stocked with all the right equipment, it’s time to get practicing. Still unsure which equipment is right for your team? Our volleyball Equipment Experts are glad to help you find the best equipment for your budget!