Coaches use Passion for Beach Volleyball to Build Dream Courts

Q & A with David and Janett Benoit
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Q & A with David and Janett Benoit

The fastest growing NCAA sport and continuous growth worldwide make beach volleyball a very popular sport.  Volleyball coaches are beginning to make a push to build beach volleyball courts all around the country, in order to help grow the sport they all love.  David and Janett Benoit from Benoit Beach Volleyball Club in Florida are a part of the charge to help grow the sport.

David Benoit and his wife Janett have been heavily involved in beach volleyball for many years.  They have both played and coached competitively, and are currently coaches/founders for VIBE Volleyball Academy; a local indoor non-travel volleyball club developed to alleviate the expense and time commitments associated with travel club programs.  They are also coaching at The Village School in Florida, where they have recently built sand volleyball courts for multiples uses.

The Benoit’s believe, “Beach volleyball is a beautiful sport, and we coaches have the responsibility to grow it in as many places as we can.”  Our hope is our Q & A with the Benoit’s will help motivate more coaches to use their passion to help grow the game.

Sports Imports:  How did you get started with volleyball?  Were you a player/coach first?

Benoit: My wife Janett has been involved with volleyball for over 30 years. She played indoor semi-professionally in Peru and then she played both indoor and beach when she came to the US almost 20 years ago.  I had played many years myself.  About 5 years ago we started our little beach volleyball club with only 6 kids, now over 75 kids visit our practices during different times.

Sports Imports: Please tell us a little about your experience with coaching?  What are some of the age groups you have worked with?

Benoit:  We have worked with all kinds of ages and levels. Our youngest player in our indoor club is 6 years old, and the youngest one on the sand court is 10 years old.

Sports Imports: Could you tell us a little about the process of building your beach/sand volleyball courts at Village School?  What did it entail?

Benoit:  It took us over 2 years to get the courts built.  We worked with the principal, but it entailed talking with her and trying to convince her for a long time until she gave us the green light to build the courts. Once we were ready, we contacted the builder, and it took them about two weeks to finish. Fortunately, you don’t need a permit to build sand volleyball courts.

Sports Imports:  What made you choose Sports Imports beach volleyball equipment?

Benoit:  We talked to different vendors and looked and searched for a long time.  Sports Imports had the most competitive prices and the best customer service. It was a no brainer!

Sports Imports:  What will you be using the courts for?

Benoit: We will be using the courts for as many things as we can, such as  school, club, tournaments, leagues, gatherings, etc.

Sports Imports: Do you have any advice for coaches looking to start the process of building sand courts?

Benoit: The main thing is not to give up. Not everybody will understand your vision, but if you are persistent and passionate, whoever you’re working with will trust that you will do a good job and will also trust what you’re saying. Beach volleyball is a beautiful sport, and we coaches have the responsibility to grow it in as many places as we can.

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