Coaching Spotlight: Cydryce McMillian

Cydryce McMillian to host Blueprint Volleyball Clinic at Episcopal High School in Texas
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Cydryce McMillian is a coach, a mentor, and a motivational speaker. Approaching over 22 years of coaching experience and 475 plus career wins, she exudes with passion for the sport of volleyball. McMillian exceeds the standards of her coaching title by not only teaching her players the sport but also guiding them to becoming the best versions of themselves inside and out.

“My biggest accomplishments occur when I figure out how to connect with each player on my teams,” McMillian says. Over her 22 years, she describes herself as having become ‘more relational’ while still training players to be intense athletes and competitors who give it their all. “I truly believe that capturing the hearts of kids and making lifetime memories throughout the season is more valuable than wins and losses on the scoreboard.”

Many admirable milestones constitute McMillian’s career, including the accomplishment of four-time state high school champion coach. McMillian has been awarded coach of the year nine times, team of the year five times, and was inducted into the hall of fame for the Prairie View Interscholastic League Coaches Association. Throughout her 22 years, five of them have included coaching and recruiting at the NCAA Division 1 level.

“Coaching is a ministry for me, and it is a way to ignite fires in youth and young adults.” McMillian continues to ignite fires in those around her, even in the midst of her recent battle and beating of breast cancer. Through intense hardships, her love for the game strives on. 

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Most recently, McMillian has taken over the Episcopal Volleyball program in Houston, Texas as head coach. Beginning her first season at Episcopal in 2022, she led the team to victory in the SPC championship. “I knew we knew how to battle, it was just a matter of teaching us how to win. Anybody can fight, but not every team can win,” McMillian said. Adapting and creating an empowering, uplifting culture for her players and team sits at the forefront of her work. 

This spring, McMillian will host the Sports Imports-sponsored 3rd Annual Blueprint Coaching Clinic by Blueprint Volleyball featuring Salima Rockwell, Kevin Hambly, and Hugh McCutcheon. Episcopal High School hosts the two-day event, which takes place May 19th and 20th in Bellaire, Texas. 

“To grow, learn, and network is important in any industry. It is time that we as coaches recognize the impact we have on the lives of young adults and continue to put ourselves in situations that challenge us to rethink our own philosophies and strategies,” McMillian says. “ As the game grows, so do the players, and we are an integral part of this process as their leaders, mentors, and educators.”

To register or learn more about the Blueprint Volleyball Clinic hosted by Episcopal High School in May, visit The Blueprint Volleyball website.

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