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At Sports Imports, we are passionate about supporting volleyball coaches before, during, and after their volleyball season.  We make it a goal of ours to set coaches up for success before the season starts.  To help with this process, we have created a pre-match volleyball net system checklist to go over before the officials enter the gym.  Officials are supposed to be in the gymnasium a minimum of 30 minutes before the match start time, and the host school should have the net system up for inspection.  Matches are more likely to move more smoothly when coaches are prepared beforehand.  Therefore, we recommend this checklist be completed before your first official match so you are prepared for your officials and can be focused on your team and match.  

  • Volleyball Floorplates and Sleeves
  • If your Floorplates have been sealed after your gymnasium floor has been refinished, we recommend a box cutter knife to reopen your Floorplates
  • Make sure your Floorplates and Sleeves are free from debris
  • Contact your Regional Representative for assistance with floorplates, sleeves or adapter sleeves
  • Volleyball Poles/Standards – Sports Imports Carbon, Steel or Aluminum Volleyball Poles
  • Check your HDNR Ratchet
    • Is your ratchet ready to go?
  • Find your Crank Handle – CH2: Crank Handle for HDNR Ratchet
  • Volleyball Net HM50: Technora Indoor Volleyball Net
    • During preseason, we recommend checking your net to make sure it has not been damaged in the off season while in storage
    • Check your net cables, if damaged replace with TC: Technora Cable
    • Check your dowel rods, you will need one on each side of the net
    • Tip: Store your practice volleyball net on a Wall Rack near your court during the match
  • Custom Pads and Top Net Tape
    • Make sure your custom pads and top net tape are on your volleyball net system before your first match
  • 6 Side Ties or 6 Velcro Side Straps
  • 2 Net Locks NL2: Net Locks
  • 2 Net Lock CoversNLC: Net Lock Covers
    • Make sure all metal is covered
  • 2 AntennaeNA2: Volleyball Net Antenna
    • Tip: Place antennae on each strong side hitter side of the net
    • Tip: Net antennae should always be the last thing on your net system and the first thing off. This will aid in the longevity of your volleyball net.
  • NC: Net Chain
    • Use your net chain to check for accurate net height before your official checks your net system
    • Tip: Place one net chain on the strong side of the net, one on the middle of the net, and one net chain on the weak side of the net before the official checks your volleyball net system (total of 3 net chains).  Your official will be impressed with your net system preparation skills!
  • Volleyball Pole PaddingFP1: Tapered Indoor Volleyball Safety Pad
    • Make sure the Pole Padding is installed correctly
    • Tip: Pads open away from the net, make sure the Sports Imports Logo is on the inside of the volleyball court for superior protection
  • Official StandPS1: Free Standing Official Stand, DE73: International Official Stand
    • Make sure the Official Stand is installed correctly and is safe for the Official
  • A complete set of Official Stand Padding (see diagram below)
  • Ball CartsBC1: Ball Carts
    • We recommend having 2 Sports Imports Ball Carts so at least 1 volleyball cart is available for each volleyball team during warm ups
  • Check your basketball backboards, or any equipment that may drop down from your gymnasium ceiling
    • Make sure the motors on the backboards are working properly so your playable areas are free from obstruction
  • Volleyball Equipment Storage
    • Store extra volleyball equipment properly during your match to keep playable areas free from obstruction
    • We recommend storing your extra volleyball nets on our NR10: Net Wall Storage Rack so playable areas are kept free from extra storage equipment
    • We also recommend storing your extra volleyball poles on our WR10: Volleyball Pole Storage Rack

If you have any questions about your volleyball net system, please contact your Sports Imports Regional Representative for support.

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