How to Build Team Unity Through a Team Blog, Website & Social Media

Volleyball Team Building
Volleyball Team Building

Most coaches would agree that times have changed with the introduction of social media and apps into the sports world.  Some coaches would argue that social media has become a hindrance, as it often distracts athletes from their goals.  Often athletes are putting themselves into challenging situations by acting inappropriately on social media, therefore putting scholarships and team relations at risk.  What can coaches do to protect their team, and how can coaches encourage their team to use social media as a positive tool that promotes motivation and team-building? We believe that for a coach to be successful, he/she must look for ways to help players grow and develop both on and off the court.

How to Build Team Unity Through a Team Blog or Website

Create a Team Blog or Website

  • Coaches of youth athletes could elect parents to help manage the blog or website
  • Coaches of older athletes could elect players or assistant coaches to manage the site
  • Keep track of your team schedule
  • Add your roster to the page
  • Invite athletes to blog about experiences
  • Encourage your team to stay motivated by sharing inspirational posts
  • Share Drill Ideas by Cross Posting from Social Media
  • Post Pictures of Team Events and Allow Teammates to post positive comments

How to Use Social Media to Promote Team-Building

Create a Facebook Group for your Team

  • Invite Parents and Athletes to post pictures of events
  • Check in with your athletes in the offseason by asking questions about motivation
  • Invite athletes to participate in team-building activities through the Facebook Group
  • Share motivational pictures and quotes each day
  • Invite athletes to sport specific events to promote team-building

Create an Instagram Hashtag (#) Shared Among Your Team

  • Brainstorm as a team to create a unique hashtag shared among teammates
  • Post pictures of offseason workouts using the team hashtag to help teammates stay motivated
  • Post pictures of team-building activities using the team hashtag
  • Share motivational pictures using the team hashtag

Create a Team Twitter Account

  • Share important news about your team
  • Share inspirational quotes to help keep your team motivated
  • Retweet sport specific events to invite your team to follow or attend
  • Share important reminders about appropriate social media etiquette for your team

Use Pinterest to Collect Ideas

  • Collect ideas on Pinterest to share on your team online platform
  • Build a Motivational Pinterest Board
  • Collect and Share Team Building Ideas
  • Collect and Share Pictures of Teams to Promote Unity
  • Collect Sport Specific Drills to Share with Your Team Online

Not only is social media helpful with motivating athletes and building team unity, but it is also a great tool to assist with the mental aspect of the sport.  Posting articles and videos about team leadership, mental adversity, and working hard are great ways to encourage your athletes to be successful.  Coaching is a multi-faceted job with many responsibilities, but the most important part is having a positive effect on your athletes.


Internet Safety – To keep your team social media experience safe, positive and productive, please check with your institutions social media/internet safety policy to ensure compliance.  For youth programs, we recommend developing a social media/internet safety policy.  In addition, we recommend sharing your policy with your players parents and legal guardians, and obtaining their consent.