How to Remove & Store a Volleyball Net

The Best Way to Store a Volleyball Net
how to remove and store your volleyball net

Whether you are an elementary physical education teacher or a high level collegiate volleyball coach, we recommend folding and storing your indoor volleyball net the same way for all levels of play. Volleyball coaches are often looking for ways to make set-up and tear down of equipment easy and fast, and are also hoping to prolong the life of their volleyball equipment and save space in storage closets. Our step by step guide will help you and your volleyball program properly remove a volleyball net, and store it to protect the life of your volleyball net. Our team recommends the use of a hanging volleyball net storage rack rather than a crank handle storage system to prevent unnecessary damage to your nets. For general safety use of the net, please do not make any additional knots in the top cable.

How to Remove a Volleyball Net from the Volleyball Poles 

volleyball-net-locksThe first step you will want to accomplish is properly removing the volleyball net from the volleyball poles. We recommend removing the antennas first by releasing the tension at the bottom of the antenna. Carefully turn the antenna at the grip portion of the antenna counter clockwise until the antenna releases from the net. For further assistance with your antennas, watch our how to attach a volleyball net antenna video

After you have safely removed your antennas from the volleyball net, it’s time to release the tension of the volleyball net by removing the volleyball net tension side ties. Whether you are using rope side ties, or hook and loop net tension side ties, we suggest removing them all carefully. If you are using hook and loop side ties, carefully detach them and reattach them to each side to prevent the tangling of side ties as you remove your volleyball net. 


Next, we suggest using the volleyball net system crank to release the tension of the volleyball net. After appropriate tension has been released, it is now time to remove the volleyball net lock and cover. To remove the volleyball net lock, we suggest reviewing this how to video for assistance. After the net lock has been released, and the bottom volleyball net cable has been detached from the volleyball pole, it’s time to continue cranking your ratchet

Before continuing to crank your volleyball net system, be sure that all side ties have been properly removed and secured, the net lock has been unfastened, and the net lock cover has been removed and stored. After all steps have been successfully completed, continue to crank your volleyball net system until the volleyball net top rope has been completely released from the net system. 



Next, there are two ways to start folding your volleyball net. Some volleyball coaches and teams like to start the process by holding the volleyball net top rope and the top portion of the volleyball net before it releases from the volleyball poles to begin the folding portion of the process. Other volleyball coaches and athletes like to lay their volleyball net flat on the floor to check for tangles before beginning the folding process. After you choose which method works best for your volleyball team, begin by holding the end of either side of the volleyball net with the top portion up toward your arms and the bottom portion below. Open your arms out wide with one side of the net in one hand and the other side of the net in your other hand and begin walking and folding the net by grabbing one section at a time and alternate sides. The net folding process looks similar to that of an accordion. 

After you have completely folded the net, you should be holding the net neatly in the shape of a square with the top portion of the net up high and the bottom portion of the volleyball net low. The volleyball net should then be ready to hang on your volleyball net wall rack. Hanging the volleyball net on the wall rack will ensure your net stays tangle free and is protected from traffic in and out of your volleyball storage closet. Make sure your wall rack is hung at armpit height, so that no part of your net is hitting the ground. If hanging your volleyball net on the wall is not an option for your volleyball program, some coaches fold their volleyball nets neatly using the recommended method above, and then lay the volleyball net over the balls in their Sports Imports Ball Cart. Coaches then zip the big ball cart closed to help protect the volleyball net. The Sports Imports ball cart also has the option of attaching a lock to the zipper to help secure the balls and the volleyball net.

volleyball net storage rack

For questions about setting up your volleyball net system, we recommend visiting our library of videos or reaching out to your local Sports Imports representative for volleyball equipment questions.