Made in the USA: How Sports Imports Carbon Volleyball Poles are Made

How does Sports Imports achieve the strength of steel in a 19 lb. carbon pole? It's in the design, materials and manufacturing process.

How does a 19 lb. carbon fiber volleyball pole achieve the strength of steel?  Engineering, Materials and Process.   The Sports Imports engineering team carefully designs each volleyball pole for superior performance during a volleyball match, and selects the highest-grade materials to achieve optimal quality, strength, durability, and minimal deflection.  As a result, Sports Imports Steel, Aluminum, and Carbon Fiber Volleyball Poles are the very best on the market.

The American made CO-8 (manufactured in the USA for over 9 years) and SI-1 (manufactured in the USA for over four years) carbon volleyball poles are made with a proprietary manufacturing process, using the very best carbon fiber.  Sports Imports understands that not all carbon fiber is created equally.  The highest grade carbon fiber and the proprietary manufacturing process Sports Imports uses to make their poles, are what set Sports Imports carbon volleyball poles apart from the rest.  The SI-1 carbon volleyball pole is uniquely designed and made of custom-molded carbon fiber in a process that achieves more carbon in higher stress points of the pole.  The result is unparalleled strength in an extremely lightweight pole.  The poles are milled using the most advanced CNC machinery, therefore achieving a precise and accurate cut within .003 of an inch.  The result is a clean, accurate hole every time; which allows for easy and simple pin stop net height adjustment.

At Sports Imports, we believe the performance of a volleyball pole is based on the design, the materials, and the manufacturing process.  In order to achieve the best product for our customers, we place priority on all three components.  Because of our attention to the total process, the Sports Imports SI-1 mimics the strength of steel and is the best-selling carbon fiber volleyball pole on the market today.  If you are interested in learning more about Carbon Fiber Volleyball Net Systems or Sports Imports products, please contact your regional representative at (800) 556-3198.