Persevering Through it All

A Letter From Our CEO on Why She'd Choose the SI Team to Battle With Her - Every Single Time

This morning we had our weekly all team Zoom meeting, where I shared with our team that I have been newly diagnosed with and started treatment for cancer. As I looked at my colleagues’ concerned faces, gratitude stirred in my heart because I am confident that no one has a team as we do. I shared that I caught it early, that this kind of cancer is very treatable, and gave what I thought was a pep talk – for them. In seconds computer and phone messages started popping up with individual messages of encouragement and offers to help. I felt so cared for. The pep talk turned into a gift for me.

Throughout Sports Imports history, we have persevered through the career-ending stroke of Ken Dunlap (our founder), the untimely death of my husband David Dunlap (our president), unwelcome diagnoses, economic downturns and so much more… The majority of our team has seen most of this together and have been with us well over ten years, some as many as 30. Our present team is the one I would choose to be by my side today – the same team that was by my side two years ago in my successful battle against breast cancer.

Senoh Volleyball

What makes this team unique? Why this team? Because in these times of uncertainty, they are a team with unmatched character and empathy – they walk the walk, not just talk the talk. I know they will fight for me – because I have seen them do this before. They genuinely care for people. They support each other and elevate those around them all the while learning, growing, facilitating change, and, most importantly, helping those in need. As a group, I’ve seen them take challenges head-on, fighting for each other and their coaches. I am inspired as they commit to ending injustice with determination, grace, and humility. 

When you choose Sports Imports, you will get the safest, highest quality, most innovative products. The proof is our over 45+ year history as the industry leader with over 60,000 customers. Our quality, performance, and dependability have always set us apart – this is our legacy. We are proud of this history and promise that we will keep innovating and improving to advance the sports and teams we serve.  

Most importantly, when you choose us, you get a proven team with big hearts. Our team has an unmatched passion for investing in their athletic directors, coaches, and programs, always finding ways to advocate for you and your team. It’s never been just about the equipment for us, that is never truer than right now.

Coaches, we believe in what you’re doing, and we are proud to be a small part of your teams. We are inspired by how we see you coach and partner with your teams, their families, and the schools you serve. You are making positive, game-changing impacts in the lives of generations of athletes, communities, and our sport. 

I am grateful that my cancer is very treatable and that I have this truly amazing group by my side on my journey. I genuinely believe that the Sports Imports team will come through this stronger, wiser, more empathic, and fueled with passion – we always do. I look forward to the legacy we will continue to create together for the next 45 years.


Cyndie Dunlap

Owner, President + CEO

Sports Imports, Volleyball Equipment