Sports Imports Announces the addition of the DE11-S: Sitting Volleyball Pole

The DE11-S is the Sitting Volleyball Net System used by USA Volleyball.
Sitting Volleyball Equipment
Steel Sitting Volleyball Pole
Men’s Sitting Volleyball Team

The Sports Imports design team is excited to announce the DE11-S: Sitting Volleyball Pole that has been modeled after the iconic, red DE11 competition steel volleyball pole.  Kathy Daughters, Marketing Coordinator at Sports Imports states, “Offering Sitting Volleyball equipment shows our diversity and our desire to provide the best quality equipment for everyone who has a passion for the sport of volleyball.”  

The DE11-S is made specifically for Sitting Volleyball, and it features 18 permanent net height settings including height indicators for women’s and men’s height; and pin-lock height adjustment for guaranteed net height.  This volleyball pole is made in the USA, backed by a lifetime performance warranty, and is used at the USA Paralympic Training Center.  

Paralympic volleyball is divided into two major categories: sitting and standing.  Paralympic volleyball uses the same rules as the non-disabled volleyball with a few changes to accommodate various disabilities.  In standing volleyball, a wide array of disabilities must be present on the court to help equalize the level of play.  Like other adaptive sports, sitting volleyball can also be played with able-bodied players who follow the sitting volleyball rules.  

Sitting volleyball is very similar to standing volleyball as the object of the game is the same.  Players hit the ball over the net with the goal of it landing on the opposing side of the court.  Teams have up to three contacts with the volleyball before sending it over to the other side.  Sitting volleyball players are allowed to block serves, but one “cheek” must be in contact with the floor whenever contact with the volleyball is being made.  In sitting volleyball, the volleyball net is 1.15 meters high for men and 1.05 meters high for women, and the volleyball court is 10 x 6 meters with a two-meter attack line.

Sitting volleyball dates back to the 1950s and has increased in popularity today.  It is being played in over 50 countries, and became a Paralympic sport in the 1980 Arnhem, Netherlands Games.  In the 2004 Athens Games, the U.S. earned a bronze medal in the first Paralympic competition for women’s sitting volleyball.  In 2015, the U.S. Parapan Women’s Sitting Volleyball Team, ranked third in the world at the time, won their first ever women’s sitting volleyball title at the Parapan American Games.  In 2016, the U.S. Women’s Sitting Team also won a gold medal at the Intercontinental Cup in Anji, China!  The US Men’s Sitting Volleyball team is also accomplished and has earned silver medals for three consecutive Parapan American Games.  In 2016, the U.S Invictus Games Sitting Volleyball Team defeated the United Kingdom earning a gold medal!

With the growing popularity of sitting volleyball, Sports Imports now offers a full line of sitting volleyball equipment.  To discuss your sitting volleyball program needs, please contact your regional representative.