Sports Imports employee owned volleyball company


Sports Imports, Inc. Announces Transition to ESOP

The Sports Imports, Inc. team is proud to announce that we are now 100% Employee Owned. After 47 years as a family-owned business, Sports Imports has transitioned to an ESOP (Employee Stock Ownership Plan). The leadership of Sports Imports remains the same, with Cyndie Dunlap as CEO and Danielle Calo as President.

“Our top priority is that Sports Imports is a great place to work. Each of our team members plays an important role in ensuring a healthy and thriving culture at Sports Imports by providing the best Customer Experience and Product Excellence in the Industry. We have long-term employees who are passionate and dedicated to our vision and mission. They have the heart of owners, and now they are! In many ways, Sports Imports remains a family business, and it’s the Sports Imports Family Business.” -Cyndie Dunlap, CEO and former owner of Sports Imports

Employee ownership is a term for any arrangement in which a company’s employees own shares in their company or the right to the value of shares in their company. The most common role for employee ownership plans is using an ESOP as means of business transition in closely held companies. Employee ownership is also commonly used to help attract and retain employees, provide long-term wealth building, and support a high-involvement, positive work culture where employees are given the opportunity to think and act like owners.*

“Sports Imports story is centered on quality equipment and innovation from inception. Throughout the years, we have built incredible relationships with customers and partners who lead the industry. Cyndie has been instrumental in crafting our brand and tethering our storied history to our promising future. We are forever beholden to her and our founders for providing such a special company to be part of.” – Danielle Calo, President of Sports Imports

The Sports Imports Team looks forward to continuing to build the Sports Imports Legacy as owners!




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