Sports Imports Tri-Sport Mini Net System: Pickleball, Badminton, and Mini-volleyball

Elementary schools, churches, and recreation centers frequently seek youth sports with minimal equipment, setup, and storage. Sports Imports has solved the problem of heavy, awkward wheel-based systems that are difficult to store. The Tri-sport Mini Net System offers simple, lightweight construction that is easy to transport and requires minimal storage space. Its engineered with the same durability as our volleyball net systems used throughout the world.

Mini-volleyball, badminton, and pickleball teach ball, court, and net skills, as well as provide basic preparation for volleyball and tennis. Mini-volleyball was designed as an initiation to “regular” volleyball for young children who cannot easily play on full-sized equipment. It adapts the game and teaching to the youngsters’ abilities. This sport was designed for physical-education classes and includes smaller equipment, simplified techniques and easy adaptation to facilities.

Badminton is a great sport for any age. It is easy to learn, easy to play, and is a great social activity. It requires mental agility, aerobic stamina, speed, and precision, making it an excellent trainer for tennis and volleyball. Badminton has been an Olympic sport since 1992. Pickleball is an uncomplicated game, developed in a family backyard in the 1960s. It is played with a special perforated, slow-moving ball over a tennis-type net on a badminton sized court. This simple game can be played by all ages employing basic ball and racquet skills. It makes a great precursor to tennis and volleyball.