The BC1 Volleyball Ball Cart: A New Design of a Customer Favorite

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volleyball_equipment_bestSports Imports’ newly supplied BC1 volleyball ball cart ensures that no minute of practice is wasted unnecessarily. The new ball cart is the same quality product expected from Sports Imports, but with several enhancements based on customer suggestions and feedback. Sports Imports is always striving to create a better experience for our customers, and we are confident that these game-changing improvements will make running practice easier and more enjoyable for coaches. 

The most notable new features of the BC1 ball cart are the removable storage bag and locking easy-gliding wheels. The storage bag attaches easily to the frame via hook and loop, includes a pocket for crank handle storage and coaching accessories, and has a zipper-top to allow volleyballs to be locked up when not in use. The removable bag also makes the initial set-up seamless and can easily be replaced after heavy use of wear and tear in the future. New rollerblade-style wheels let the cart cart glide smoothly across any gym floor surface without causing damage to the floors. This feature also locks to prevent unwanted movement holding the ball cart in place during drills and storage.

sports_balls_cartIn addition to these improvements, the new BC1 has the best features which include a durable and sturdy frame, easy to set up, and allows for attachment of the Sports Imports top cart for additional storage. On its own, the BC1 ball cart holds up to 50 volleyballs, and up to 65 with the addition of the top cart.

The improved BC1 ball cart is just $260, making it one of the most competitively priced and accessible pieces of volleyball equipment on the market. For further information please contact your Sports Imports regional manager


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