The Coaches Box : A Volleyball Training Aid Favorite


best-volleyball-equipmentThe Sports Imports Coaches Boxes are a favorite among volleyball coaches at all levels of play. They are made with durable hardwood and are specially designed to set up and fold down with ease. The sturdy and lightweight design makes it easy for coaches and players to carry them to and from the desired location.  Additionally, the Coaches Box also folds up to a width of only 3 inches – ideal for volleyball teams with limited storage space. 

Another unique and helpful feature of the Coaches Box is the extra-large, non-skid top that allows both players and coaches to stand on a stable surface without fear of slipping. Rubber feet at the bottom of the Coaches Box add even more stability. The Coaches Box is also tall enough to enable teams to run training drills from net height. Whether hitting drills or blocking drills, the Coaches Box allows for creativity during indoor and beach volleyball practice.  

Coaches Boxes are offered in many different sizes to allow for adjustments to different heights of coaches and athletes. 


Standard Coaches Box: CB18 Coaches Box and CB24 Coaches Box

The CB18 Coaches Box and CB24 Coaches Box are our standard hitting box sizes. They both have a 29″ by 29″ design but they differ in height, with CB18 being 18 inches tall, and CB24 being 24 inches tall.

XL Coaches Boxes: CBXL-18 Coaches Box and CBXL-24 Coaches Box (out of stock)

If you are looking for more surface area to hit from, try our XL Coaches Boxes. Our two options with extra standing room are the CBXL-18 Coaches Box and the CBXL-24 Coaches Box. The CBXL-18 is made in the USA and stands 18 inches tall like our standard 18-inch box, but has a larger platform for ease of movement. The XL Coaches Box is 47” long and 29” wide, made of durable hardwood, and is specially designed to set up and fold down with ease.

The XL Coaches Box is also offered in a higher 24” option. The 24” height and XL platform makes running drills from net height more fluid, and the XL platform allows for more movement. The sturdy and lightweight design ensures that even the 24” XL Coaches Box can be carried and stored in small spaces with ease.  Sports Imports also offers a carrying strap which is sold separately on our website.

The carrying strap (sold separately) is an excellent tool for volleyball players and coaches transporting their training equipment for both indoor volleyball and beach volleyball.


CustomIZE IT!

24″ XL Custom Coaches Box

Volleyball programs interested in showing off their school spirit can now customize their coaches boxes! Team names and logos make a great addition to your coaches box, and will dramatically improve the look of your gymnasium when paired with a colorful custom net system and training tools. Customization is available for all different sizes of the coaches box. Receive an online mock-up.


The sturdy 24” Coaches Box, also has a large platform, non-skid top, rubber feet and weighs only 28 pounds. The box is 29” long and 29” wide. The 18” Coaches Box stands 18” tall, weighs only 28 pounds, and is 29” long and 29” wide. It is made in the USA, is durable, and easy to set up and take down.


Volleyball Coaches Box in Action



How to Set-Up Your Coaches Box


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