Key Features: Competition Beach Volleyball Pole

NCAA Beach Volleyball Championship Official Beach Volleyball Pole + FIVB Approved

The new DE5010 Beach Volleyball Pole is made by Senoh and is the official beach volleyball pole of the NCAA Beach Volleyball Championship. This beach volleyball net system was created based on coaches feedback, market needs, and to meet FIVB, NCAA, and international regulations. The DE5010 is often used on the collegiate beach volleyball level, but is also perfect for the high school level and tournaments due to the portable and permanent capabilities. Find out why this pole’s key features create an unbeatable, high-quality beach volleyball pole that will enhance the sport and create a safe environment for every program.

Made by Senoh

Senoh, the top-quality international volleyball equipment provider, has made this beach volleyball pole exclusively for Sports Imports. The DE5010 has been built for intense competition, providing strength and durability factors to accommodate all beach volleyball courts. The DE5010 was recently designed with recommendations from coaches in the industry. The DE5010 is compatible with all Sports Imports beach volleyball nets, official stands, and beach volleyball net system padding

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Infinite Net Height Adjustment

With competition level beach volleyball, exact net height is important. The design of the DE5010 allows for coaches/athletes to adjust net height with the turn of a crank due to the internal gear in the pole. An internal gear allows for infinite net height adjustment that works with any beach volleyball court’s conditions and shifting sand levels. Due to the weather elements associated with beach volleyball, it’s vital that the beach volleyball pole has the ability to change net height quickly and is able to make slight adjustments at any time. Regulation beach volleyball net height is a must for professional beach volleyball events, high level competition, and championship beach volleyball matches – the DE5010 ensures net height is meeting regulations with every setup. 

Anodized Aluminum

Outdoor volleyball poles are exposed to numerous weather conditions that may have an affect on the performance of the pole. The DE5010 beach volleyball pole is made with anodized aluminum and can withstand outdoor weather conditions without chipping or scratching, making it the perfect beach pole. Anodized aluminum on the DE5010 is a type of aluminum that has been treated to create a durable finish on the beach volleyball pole, and because the anodized layer is made from aluminum instead of being painted, it will not chip or peel during the life of the pole. This feature is an upgrade after years of testing our outdoor volleyball poles in harsh weather conditions.

Ideal for Permanent and Portable Use

The DE5010 is ideal for both permanent and portable use. When using it in a portable manner, there is an anchor that goes in and out making it easily removable from the sand. This beach volleyball net system is setup using the KZ5100 Beach Volleyball Anchor. Not only is this beach volleyball pole portable, it may also be used as a common center post for a shared beach volleyball court setup. For a permanent beach volleyball net system setup, your regional representative will guide you through the process with the secure anchor.

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10-Year Warranty

Having been in business for 46+ years, Sports Imports is known for trusted warranties on their volleyball equipment. The warranty on the DE5010 Beach Pole lasts 10 years which is remarkable for outdoor volleyball equipment.

Approved for FIVB Beach Volleyball Competition

The DE5010 was made for the purpose of competition. It meets and exceeds the standards of the Fédération Internationale de Volleyball (FIVB) and can be used in any championship game or tournament portably or permanently. For more information about the DE5010 Beach Volleyball Net System, please reach out to your representative. For a beach volleyball net system quote, please fill out more information about your beach volleyball court setup.