The NEW DE5010 Senoh Beach Volleyball Pole – The Future of Sand

FIVB Approved Beach Volleyball Pole
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The newest leader in sand is the DE5010 Beach Volleyball Pole. Made exclusively for Sports Imports by Senoh, this pole raises the bar for a high-level competition outdoor volleyball net system. Sports Imports has requested our exclusive partner, Senoh, to create the DE5010 beach volleyball poles in response to a need for superior strength and durability to accommodate all beach volleyball courts.

Years ago, as the multi-decade industry leader in indoor volleyball equipment, we began developing outdoor volleyball products as we witnessed a growing market. In 2016, we released our first beach-specific volleyball pole – The SV15.  The SV15 beach volleyball poles were used in the NCAA Beach Volleyball Championships, and while they were built with durability and strength, we realized our product left beach volleyball customers desiring something different. After several years of input from customers and beach volleyball coaches across the country, we returned to our mission to continue to innovate the game with the highest quality products in the industry.

In 2020 we made the decision to discontinue the SV15 pin-stop beach volleyball pole and honor our commitment to product excellence. We knew we needed a product that would exceed our customers’ expectations. Enter the DE5010 FIVB Approved Beach Volleyball pole – an infinite net height pole with internal gears for fine height adjustment and anodized aluminum to withstand harsh weather elements at the beach. Through years of research and feedback, we were able to work with Senoh – a trusted volleyball manufacturer and our partner of 45+ years –  to define and incorporate the most important factors of a quality, durable, and easy-to-use beach volleyball pole. Senoh allowed Sports Imports to tweak their proven FIVB approved beach volleyball pole with enhanced features to deliver a truly unique beach volleyball pole.

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We are confident that you will notice the significant upgrades that have been implemented in the design of the DE5010 beach volleyball pole. The older SV15 pole was designed similarly to our classic indoor volleyball poles and used a pin-stop adjustment system. While this is the superior net height adjustment method for an indoor court, we learned that this style for an outdoor volleyball net system makes it difficult to achieve proper net height due to varying sand depths. The internal gear of the DE5010 allows it to provide infinite net height adjustment – making it easy to work with different net height needs and with shifting sand.

You will also notice a completely new and improved look of the DE5010 beach volleyball pole.  A superior outdoor volleyball pole needs to withstand all outdoor elements, including high wind and rain, so we replaced black-painted steel with anodized aluminum. The anodized aluminum provides a sleek, industrial look and won’t chip and peel like a painted pole.

Since its release, the DE5010 beach volleyball pole has been designated as the official pole for the NCAA Beach Volleyball Championships. It made its first appearance in the 2022 event, and we are excited for it to be the pole of choice for all 10 beach volleyball courts at the 2023 NCAA Beach Volleyball Championships this May in Gulf Shores, Alabama.  

We invite you to take a deeper look at the new DE5010 – the future of sand volleyball. 

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