The Tight Right Net Tension Gauge

The Industry Standard for Volleyball Net Tension Measurement
Volleyball Net Tension - Tight Right Senoh Volleyball Net

Volleyball Net Tension Gauge

The Tight Right net tension gauge was originally invented for tennis net systems and has been used at the US Open, NCAA Championships, and other tennis tournaments.  Just a few years ago, the Tight Right was brought into the volleyball community to help achieve the same net tension results the tennis world was witnessing.

“The Tight Right allows anyone setting up a volleyball net system to achieve the ideal net tension for competitive play, “says Rob Ebright, Sports Imports President.  The device attaches to a volleyball pole and net cable, and measures the amount of tension in pounds when the net is tightened.  The Tight Right remains attached to the pole for the duration of play, without affecting the net or net system.

In 2012, Tennessee Volleyball used the Tight Right during the season.  Rachel Cooper, former Assistant Volleyball Coach said, “It makes the net respond predictably and consistently with its tautness.  We often vary our net height for practices and the Tight Right gauge has allowed us to come up with a predictable and consistent measurement.  It has cut our match preparation time in half as we now have a consistent system in place that ensures regulation dimensions every time.  The Tight Right gauge is a helpful, necessary tool that helps standardize our netting system and we hope that it gets used everywhere.”

Not only does the Tight Right aid in consistent net tension, but it also helps extend the life of your volleyball net system.  It absorbs heavy amounts of pressure on the top cable, without affecting the play of the ball or the tension of the net.  It also helps prevent over tightened net cables which place unnecessary strain on the net and the volleyball poles.  Ebright says, “It is a valuable tool that puts our net systems in spec for optimal performance.”

According to the NCAA Volleyball Rulebook, “The top and bottom of the net must be fastened to the posts so that the net remains taut throughout and maintains its specified dimensions.”  At Sports Imports, we take pride in our volleyball net systems and their ability to maintain tautness throughout a volleyball match.  When the Tight Right is installed properly, the final net tension is approximately 300 lbs. and can be fine-tuned as necessary.

After a match, the device can be easily removed and is small enough to clip to the volleyball pole, or it can be stored.  The patented features of the Tight Right also ensure durability and overall consistency of proper net tension.  We believe having a net tension gauge will make setting up your net system a more reliable task for your athletes, and will also create a more consistent volleyball match by achieving ideal net tension.

The TRNT: Tight Right Net Tension Gauge is sold exclusively at Sports Imports and can be used on both indoor and outdoor volleyball net systems.