US Women’s Sitting Volleyball Team Visits Camp Joy

Teaching Kids to Play Sitting Volleyball

US Women’s Sitting Volleyball Athletes are given the opportunity to travel the world, recently competing in Russia and Poland. The team also travels and competes in the United States. Recently two team members stopped by Camp Joy in Clarksville, Ohio to play sitting volleyball with campers from all over the US.

Lexi Shefflet and Tia Edwards, along with Sitting Volleyball Coordinator, Elliot Blake poured into the campers, teaching and inspiring the kids. They began the sessions with basic setting drills, moved on to passing and ended with a legit game of sitting volleyball.

The kids had a lot of laughs and plenty of encouragement as they enjoyed trying out sitting volleyball. Serving, setting up the play and diving for balls was just part of the fun. As one camper moved to her next activity, she told Lexi and Tia, “I really enjoyed playing, I’d like to do this all the time.”

When asked what the US Team representatives would want to convey to the kids, Tia stated, “Follow your dreams and never give up.” The ladies are living this out everyday by balancing college classes and training sessions with the team. This attitude has won the US Women’s Sitting Volleyball Team a spot in the 2016 Paralympic Games in Rio and the opportunity to bring home the gold.

I’d like to thank the US Sitting Volleyball Athletes past and present who attended Camp Joy as counselors and visitors. It is your dedication to the kids and the sport of volleyball that inspire all of us to do our best every day and live in the moment.

Sports Imports is honored to have sponsored this event.

Written by: Michelle Anderson

Lexi sets the volleyball to camper
Lexi setting to a camper