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Volleyball storage cart

Every minute of practice is vital for a coach of any sport.  Volleyball coaches in particular spend a lot of time tossing volleyballs and retrieving them with the team.  Coaches are also bending at the waist to pull balls out of a ball cart.  Time after practice is usually spent making sure all of the balls are properly put away and protected.

With all of that in mind, Sports Imports is offering a Volleycart ball cart to help coaches cut down on wasted time in practice spent chasing balls.  Our ball cart is larger, and is hip height to help coaches store more volleyballs and retrieve volleyballs faster.  It also zips up to protect the volleyballs after practice and can be locked as well.

The Sports Imports Volleycart can also easily store your net on top of your volleyballs with a zip up closure.  The large size of this ball cart allows for many storage options that help make set-up and tear-down a lot easier!  The cart also rolls through doorways and hallways with ease.  Not only is this ball cart a great option for volleyball, but it can also be used for physical education programs and other sports as well.