Crank Handle for HDNR Ratchet

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Product code: CH2


  • What is a crank handle? Quickly tightens the volleyball net by inserting into the HDNR Volleyball Net Ratchet on the pole and turning it until the desired net tension is reached
    • Required to use Sports Imports Volleyball Net Ratchet (Ratchet available in Black and Red)
  • Compatibility: Used for all Sports Imports Indoor Volleyball Poles and Beach Volleyball Poles with a volleyball net ratchet PLUS the DF10-PB Indoor Pickleball Pole and Outdoor Pickleball Pole 
  • Safety Features: easily removable from the ratchet
  • Expert Tip! The crank handle is easily lost, to avoid, store the crank(s) in the inside pocket of the BC1 ball cart

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This volleyball crank handle is used with the HDNR net ratchet to tighten indoor volleyball, beach volleyball, and tennis nets. It is also used to raise the upper section of the DE10 internal gear volleyball poles. The volleyball crank handle has a peg that is inserted into a hole in the back of the HDNR ratchet.

For more information on purchasing a new HDNR Volleyball Net Ratchet, please contact your regional sales manager.

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