Referee Bundle

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Product code: REF-BUNDLE
  • Includes 3 best-selling products!
  • Anti-Fatigue mat for comfort while standing on the official stand
  • Volleyball Net Chain to easily measure net height
  • Fox40 Electronic whistle for use in multiple sports

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Treat your referees to top-quality products. Our Referee Bundle includes an Anti-Fatigue Mat which provides a layer of cushioned foam to make standing for long volleyball matches more comfortable. The Anti-Fatigue Mat is compatible with all Sports Imports official stands and attaches easily to the referee stand. Also included in the bundle is the volleyball net chain. The volleyball net chain makes measuring volleyball net height easy and are helpful tools to ensure proper net height before and during practices and volleyball matches. The net chain attaches easily to the top of the volleyball net with a hook. Sports Imports volleyball net chains meet the standards of our partners at NCAA, USA Volleyball, NJCAA, and the NFHS (National Federation of State High School Associations). The last product included in the volleyball referee bundle is the Fox 40 Electronic Whistle®. This electronic whistle provides a loud, clear sound with the press of a button. The whistle features 3 different tones and an off setting. The Fox 40 Electronic Whistle® is the perfect solution for multiple users and is equipped with a 9-volt battery and wrist lanyard.