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HM50: Technora Indoor Volleyball Net

• Specially manufactured by Senoh for Sports Imports
• Heavy duty indoor volleyball net
• Our most popular professional competition net
• Used by more than 90% of Sports Imports customers
• Perfect volleyball nets for club, high school, college or college recreation
• Incredible net tension, every time
• Specially crafted for superior performance

What makes Sports Imports Indoor Volleyball Nets the Best?

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This heavy duty indoor volleyball net is specifically made by Senoh for Sports Imports. The top cable is made from an aramid fiber which prevents kinking, curling and fraying normally associated with steel cables. The net is 32' long and 1 meter (or 39") wide. Top corners are reinforced with rubber for increased durability.
Net-Locks for tightening the bottom rope, Net-Lock covers, sideline markers, wooden dowels and velcro side straps are included with each net.

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