Genny Volpe
Head Coach

Rice University Women's Volleyball

What is one of your favorite aspects of coaching?

Why I got into coaching in the first place was the pure love of the game of volleyball.  I could not see myself doing anything else after my playing career was done.  And when I began coaching, I would get such joy out of seeing the development of the individual player.  Also, the strategy and competition is something that I really enjoy.  I love being a part of the daily competition in practice and then competing as one for your school on game day.    Also, the relationships that I build with my players from the recruiting process to graduation and beyond.  Those relationships are really special to me and I love staying in touch with all of my former players.

What is your favorite road trip story?

Wow, this is a tough one…so many road trips!!!  Although the one that comes to mind most recently was when we went to play UTSA this season and we had a team dinner at one of our player’s home.  We had a great meal and then broke off into teams and we played Pictionary.  It was fun and relaxing spending time together off the court.  Another was when we went to Marshall in 2008 and we took the team to a Haunted House since it was around Halloween.  Another bonding moment that got some of us very well outside of our comfort zone!

Do you have a favorite hobby or cause you are passionate about?

My favorite hobby hands down is playing golf!  My husband really pushed me to try it so we could play together and I could understand why he enjoyed it so much.   I just need more time to play so I can actually get good at it!

Something I am passionate about is really networking with other female coaches.  It’s important for us to really try to navigate through the challenges of coaching and being a mom and wife and support each other.

Please tell us something about yourself that most people would not know.

Most people that do not know me, would probably be surprised to know how competitive I am.  Not just in sports, but honestly I get pretty intense in just about any competitive situation and love what competition does for the soul!