Senoh Anodized Beach Volleyball Pole: DE5010™

Senoh Anodized Beach Volleyball Pole: DE5010™
  • Made by Senoh exclusively for Sports Imports
  • Official Beach Volleyball Pole of the NCAA Beach Volleyball Championships
  • Approved for FIVB Volleyball Competition
  • Strong, durable, and weather-resistant
  • Anodized to withstand outdoor weather conditions
  • Internal gear allows for infinite net height adjustment
  • Accommodates multiple net heights
  • Can be used as a common center pole
  • Uses a Heavy Duty Net Ratchet (HDNR™-B) and is SOLD SEPARATELY
  • Build your complete DE5010™ Senoh Anodized Beach Volleyball Net System 

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The DE5010™ Senoh Beach Volleyball Pole is made by Senoh exclusively for Sports Imports and is uniquely engineered for superior strength and durability.  The anodized surface allows it to withstand outdoor conditions. Its infinite net height adjustment makes it extremely versatile and easy to use and accommodates multiple net heights and shifting sand levels. The DE5010 beach volleyball pole is compatible with the SV99 and FIVB-SV99 official stands. The DE5010 is sold in increments of one (1) pole and uses the HDNR-B Heavy Duty Net Ratchet that is sold separately.

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Upgrading to a Sports Imports beach volleyball net system? No problem. Our regional managers make switching easy. Contact your regional representative to compare volleyball poles and find out which is best for you.

*Please note volleyball poles are also commonly referred to as volleyball posts, uprights or standards.


  • Made for indoor volleyball or outdoor volleyball settings
  • Aluminum made
  • Internal bevel gear system
  • Infinite height adjustment
  • Poles to be buried below playing surface nearly 1 foot  (11.81”) and used with an anchor (300mm)
  • Poles are 3” in diameter (76.3mm)
  • Each pole weighs 42lbs (40kg/pair)

WARNING: Any athletic activity involves a certain risk of physical injury. This equipment has been designed for improved safety, however, care and supervision are required during the setting up and taking down of this equipment, as well as during play. The entire system should be periodically inspected for components needing replacement or tightening.

Product Care Instructions