Our passion is the same as our first day of business in the 1970’s. That’s when our founders, highly respected collegiate coaches, helped expand volleyball throughout North America with the first safe in ground net system without dangerous wires.

That was tough work back then. We worked side-by-side with coaches to develop the rules and teach the game while belaying fears of the first “holes” cut in sacred basketball floors. We nurtured industry organizations and partnered with other sponsors to provide support where it was needed. We helped elevate this dynamic sport that, decades later, engages hundreds of thousands of athletes and coaches in amateur, collegiate and Olympic fields of play. That is a legacy of which we are quite proud.

We’re also proud to show that our dedication has not changed. Our strong partnership with Senoh has created a unique platform upon which we have engineered a range of new and innovative, U.S. made products. These include our durable, yet lightweight SI-1 carbon fiber poles and our unique sand/beach volleyball net systems — all with the same reliability, exact net height and tension that you only get from Sports Imports.

If you don’t know us already, you should. We’re still owned by the same family who launched our company with the famous red poles — the same net system trusted by the NCAA, AVCA, USA Volleyball, NFHS and the choice of 90% of Division I College programs. We’ve also been the net system for every Olympic indoor and sand/beach competition, and we’re the only supplier ever elected to the AVCA hall of fame. Closer to home, we continue to give back to our sport and related social missions, putting net systems in the hands of those who cannot afford equipment, while aiding causes that are important to our athletes and the world around us.

Our passion is the same as our first day of business in the 1970’s.

Innovation continues to drive us to the future as we make the products our coaches and athletes demand and deserve. They know and expect our quality. But, above all else, they will tell you that commitment, service and passion is what makes Sports Imports stand above all others.

Times change. Passion doesn’t. We invite you to join us in our passion.