“Stanford has always used the Sports Imports Volleyball Net System. It is an exceptional net system, backed by the best and most personal service we could ask for.”

John Dunning

Former Women’s Head Volleyball Coach
Stanford University, CA

“We have used the Sports Imports Volleyball Net System exclusively since we switched to an in-ground system and I like its reliability and durability.”

Russ Rose

Women’s Head Volleyball Coach
Penn State University, PA

“The Sports Imports Net System is like the most reliable car you have ever owned…when we put it in the floor, and we put it up, we know exactly what we are going to get. Anybody can put up the system.”

Mary Wise

Head Women’s Volleyball Coach
University of Florida, FL

“I like how the Sports Imports net performs. Also, it is nice knowing that if I call my representative, they will visit me at my gym.” ”

Terry Liskevych

Former Head Women’s Volleyball Coach
Oregon State University, OR

“Personally, I would not think of using any other net system. Never have, never will.”

Marv Dunphy

Former Head Men’s Volleyball Coach
Pepperdine University, CA

“It is nice to have a volleyball only company, who are experts in volleyball; they handle all of our volleyball equipment needs.”

Pete Hanson

Former Head Men’s Volleyball Coach
The Ohio State University, OH

“Sports Imports - simply the best; best product, best service.”

Arnie Ball

Head Men’s Volleyball Coach

“I referee at all levels of the sport, from junior high school to the international level. I see the Sports Imports Net System at virtually all levels. It is a very easy system for us to work with as referees.”

Brian Hemelgarn

Volleyball Official

“The Sports Imports staff is great to talk with when planning a facility as well as when installing their net system into an existing system.”

Sara Pelster

Former Head Women’s Volleyball Coach, Current Associate AD for Administrative Services
Shenandoah University, VA

“The consistent quality of the Sports Imports Net System is in direct contrast to every other net system I have seen.”

Dave Herron

Athletic Director, Men’s and Women’s Head Volleyball Coach
Northland Baptist Bible College, WI

“We started using the new Carbon Fiber poles this week and the team loves them. Great upgrade! Thanks and GO BLUE!”

Mark Rosen

Former Women's Head Volleyball Coach
University of Michigan, MI

“I love the lighter weight and the ease of their height adjustment as well. Needless to say our practices are a joy.”

Jeanne Hess

Women's Volleyball Head Coach
Kalamazoo College, Kalamazoo, MI

“Senoh Volleyball Poles are built so well that they often outlast the buildings that house them. ”

Deane Webb

Volleyball Coach
Ohio University, OH

“Their team is awesome and that’s what makes their product unbeatable. Thank you Sports Imports!”

Kevin Ulmer

Head Women's Volleyball Coach
Bemidji State University, MN

“I have literally seen volleyball players who are new to our leagues high-fiving each other when they see we use the Sports Imports Net System.”

Ted Mittelstaedt

Athletic Director and Facility Manager
City of Bellevue, WA

“I love the Sports Imports Net System for its quality, simplicity, reliability, longevity and accurate net heights.”

Rita Kelliher

Athletic Director, Facilities Manager and Former Player
Madison School & Community Recreation, WI

“Sports Imports has been top notch! Highly recommend! We are pumped for the new facility with new nets and standards!”

501 Volley Club

501 Volley
North Little Rock, Arkansas

“Installing the Sports Imports Beach2 Sand Volleyball Equipment has allowed us to improve the quality of our programming as well as expanding the quantity of activities. Students and the University community recognize our sand courts as the go-to facility on campus for sand volleyball. ”

Ben Piper

Associate Director of Programs
University Recreation, The University of Texas at Dallas

“It is wonderful to work with a quality company like Sports Imports that listens to the needs of their customers. They have developed a top of the line, dependable and easy to use net system for the sitting volleyball discipline that will last for decades. You can tell they are experts in the volleyball equipment field and see why if you want the best you go to Sports Imports.”

Bill Hamiter

USA Sitting Volleyball Director, Head Coach
USA Sitting Volleyball

“We feel it is critical to provide ages 10 and under the same quality net system used by all other age groups. The SI1 Carbon Volleyball Poles have assisted elementary schools, middle schools, teachers, coaches, recreational directors and players to move the net to the correct height while maintaining good quality tension. Plus, being able to customize school colors & logos on poles and padding has made it VERY special.”

Ruth Nelson

Founder BYOP Volleyball, Go Kids Youth Sports

“With the Sports Imports Net System, I know that things are going to run smoothly. I can focus on my team.”

Mauricio Diaz

High School Volleyball Coach
Southwest Miami High School, FL

“For as long as I remember, I have always used the Sports Imports Volleyball Net System.”

Betty Cameron

High School Volleyball Coach and Official
Hilliard Davidson High School, OH

“We had one set of poles when I started at the high school and they were about 15 years old at the time. I still have them, I am still using them, and I’ve never had to replace them.”

Jan Barker

Women’s Head Volleyball Coach
Amarillo High School, TX

“We have standardized their products for all our middle school and high school interscholastic athletic programs. Our student athletes are ensured to have the best for years to come!”

Marmion Dambrino

CMAA, Athletic Director
Houston Independent School District, TX

“Thank you for all of your help with the Sports Imports equipment for our new building. We are in the Pickleball unit now and the set up and breakdown is SOOOO much easier. And...our volleyball set up looks pretty sweet too! ”

Dave Sislow

Physical Education
Sunset Ridge, Northfield, ILlinois

“Switching to the Sports Imports Carbon Systems in each of our gyms has been a game changer for the Marist High School Volleyball Program. The quality, durability, and easy storage makes Sports Imports equipment second to none, and our service rep has been on top of everything from Day 1 of working together.”

Jordan Vidovic

Girls Volleyball Head Coach
Marist High School, Chicago, IL

“We LOVE LOVE LOVE our new setup! The Women's Gator Volleyball Program thanks you all for your support! ”

Erin Hill

Girls Volleyball
Green Valley High School, NV

“We are 100% Sports Imports customers for our volleyball net systems. The quality of the Sports Imports product combined with the superior customer service makes Sports Imports a great partner to work with. Our student athletes have benefitted from the quality and performance of the Sports Imports products in our facilities.”

Ray Zepeda

Athletic Director
Cypress Fairbanks ISD, TX

“Over the last 2 years we have been blessed to upgrade our old steel volleyball poles to Sports Imports new Carbon Fiber Volleyball Poles. This will allow our middle school and high school student athletes to compete with the best products on the market but more importantly safely set up and take down our net systems.”

Brad McCarter

Head Girls Volleyball Coach
Lafayette Central Catholic, IN

“You have a forever customer and Sports Imports advocate in me, and we are SO STOKED to use our new equipment next week!”

Neysha Countryman

Head Girls Volleyball Coach
Whitley High School, KY

“The purchase of the Carbon SI-1 volleyball poles was a game changer for our volleyball program. With these new poles, we can have our entire system set up in just a few minutes, it's safer for our student-athletes and coaches, and protects our gym floor from being damaged with the old, heavy poles. This was a great investment for our athletic department!”

Brandon Tyler

Athletic Director
Warrick High School, IN

“Love the team at Sports Imports, they have taken care of my volleyball programs from Club to High School. Committed to excellence and supporting volleyball programs. ”

Zahra Aprili

Volleyball Coach

“We appreciate Sports Imports quality products and your outstanding support! Thank you!”

Cavaliers Athletics

Athletic Department
Corunna High School, MI