Technora Indoor Volleyball Net

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Product code: HM50

• Specially manufactured by Senoh for Sports Imports
• Best selling competition volleyball net on the market
• Used by over 90% of colleges and widely used nationwide in high schools and clubs
• Perfectly taut net at the top and bottom
• Exact net tension, every set-up
• Features a Technora Top Cable and Superlex netting
• Each net comes with dowel rods, side straps, side ties, net locks and covers

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The HM50 is uniquely constructed for unmatched quality and performance. It features a special Technora top cable which withstands extreme force without the kinking, curling and fraying normally associated with steel cables. The cable features a strong and durable factory formed loop for secure attachment to the non-ratchet pole. Its Superlex netting is composed of 360pcs of ultra fine fiber (90T), woven into perfect squares – making it strong, flexible, lightweight and easy to see through. The net comes with net locks to secure the bottom cable, dowel rods to keep the sides squared and taut, and hook and loop side straps and side ties. The net is 32′ long and 1 meter (or 39″) wide.

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