DG11: Badminton/Pickleball Pole

DG11: Badminton/Pickleball Pole

Industry leader in High School and College Rec

Easily converts to Pickleball Pole

Sliding hook collar for quick net tension

Badminton Pole can be used as a common center

Keyhole attachment for pickleball

Made in the USA

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Pickleball/Badminton Pole

The DG11 Badminton Pole is a slender, steel pole that comes with a hook and a slide collar to adjust net tension and a plastic grooved cap to ensure accurate net height. The groove is wide enough for a second cable to allow the pole to be used as a common center post to hold 2 nets. Our DG11 badminton pole can be easily adapted for pickleball. A hook is simply inserted into a keyhole to set the pickleball net. The pickleball hook is sold separately.  The DG11 is sold in increments of one (1) and is backed by a lifetime performance warranty.

For a pole that can be used for badminton, pickleball, and mini volleyball, visit our DG33 product page or contact your regional representative.


  • Tubular steel
  • Weighs 15 pounds
  • 1 ½” outside diameter
  • Slide collar to adjust the net tension
  • Plastic grooved top cap wide enough to hold 2 cables
  • Powder coated painting process for a harder finish
  • “Keyhole” at the pickleball level for insertion of a spiral hook used to tension the net at pickleball height
  • Bottom of the upright has a non-skid, non-marking rubber insert to protect the gym floor