Volleyball Net systems

at the center of every volleyball championship

Sports Imports Indoor Volleyball Net Systems may be seen on the championship court of the Olympics, USA Volleyball Junior Nationals, NCAA Championships and is also the official Volleyball Net System of the National Federation of State High Schools Association (NFHS) and the National Junior College Athletic Association (NJCAA). Sports Imports has the strongest, safest and best performing indoor volleyball equipment for every level of play. Our volleyball net systems also meet the standards of our partners at NCAA (National Collegiate Athletic Association), USA Volleyball, NJCAA, and the NFHS (National Federation of State High School Associations).

indoor volleyball net system poles


Sports Imports has the best volleyball net system for every volleyball program ranging from elementary, middle, high school, club volleyball, collegiate to olympic volleyball. If you are planning to upgrade to Sports Imports volleyball equipment our adapter sleeves make switching to Sports Imports indoor volleyball poles easy.


importance of deflection

Volleyball Net System Deflection

Deflection, in volleyball, is a term describing the degree to which a pole bends or flexes under tension. Superior strength will minimize the effects of changing tension during play. This is especially important to achieve and maintain net height and to limit net movement when the ball hits the net or is played out of the net. Our superior materials and manufacturing mean that we offer your athletes the best net performance for competitive play.

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