Volleyball Season Equipment Checklist

THE TIME IS HERE! Leading the volleyball equipment industry for over 45 years, our recommended checklist will help ensure you are ready for this season. Make sure your team is fully prepared for volleyball season with the highest-rated, leading equipment …
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Salima Rockwell Trainer+ Drills

Salima Rockwell, head coach of Notre Dame, presents new Trainer+ drills at the third annual Blueprint Coaching Clinic in Bellaire, Texas

Rockwell began coaching at Notre Dame in January, 2022. Before taking over Notre Dame’s program, she spent nine years coaching at her alma mater, Penn State University where she specialized in working with setters and offense. In her time as …
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Increase your Vertical Jump with the Vertec Jump Trainer

Vertec Training Drills by Kyle Keese of Denton ISD

Jump Training Drills for the Vertec Kyle Keese – Director of Strength and Conditioning  Kyle Keese is the Director of Strength and Conditioning at Denton Guyer High School in Denton, Texas. Since beginning his career at Denton Guyer in 2007, …
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Key Features: Competition Beach Volleyball Pole

NCAA Beach Volleyball Championship Official Beach Volleyball Pole + FIVB Approved

The new DE5010 Beach Volleyball Pole is made by Senoh and is the official beach volleyball pole of the NCAA Beach Volleyball Championship. This beach volleyball net system was created based on coaches feedback, market needs, and to meet FIVB, …
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Kathy Deboer volleyball legend

Kathy DeBoer – a Volleyball Legend with a Mission that Paved the Way

Kathy DeBoer is a legend in the volleyball community. The outlasting impact she has made in the 42 years of her career can be seen in every area she touched through her time as an athlete, a coach, an administrator, …
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Sports Imports employee owned volleyball company


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: April 18, 2023 Sports Imports, Inc. Announces Transition to ESOP The Sports Imports, Inc. team is proud to announce that we are now 100% Employee Owned. After 47 years as a family-owned business, Sports Imports has transitioned …
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beach volleyball net system fivb approved

The NEW DE5010 Senoh Beach Volleyball Pole – The Future of Sand

FIVB Approved Beach Volleyball Pole

The newest leader in sand is the DE5010 Beach Volleyball Pole. Made exclusively for Sports Imports by Senoh, this pole raises the bar for a high-level competition outdoor volleyball net system. Sports Imports has requested our exclusive partner, Senoh, to …
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volleyball coaching spotlight

Coaching Spotlight: Cydryce McMillian

Cydryce McMillian to host Blueprint Volleyball Clinic at Episcopal High School in Texas

Cydryce McMillian is a coach, a mentor, and a motivational speaker. Approaching over 22 years of coaching experience and 475 plus career wins, she exudes with passion for the sport of volleyball. McMillian exceeds the standards of her coaching title …
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SOAR Volleyball – Empowering Women in Coaching

Q+A with Tonya Johnson, LSU Head Volleyball Coach and SOAR Founder

SOAR is a non-profit organization that gives women coaches a place to elevate and discuss gender issues. Founded by LSU Head Volleyball Coach Tonya Johnson, SOAR creates an environment with an intimate community of support for female coaches to discuss …
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courage award we serve first volleyball

Tim Toy is the 2022 Sports Imports/AVCA Courage Award Winner

We Serve First Foundation Co-Founder

Sports Imports is honored to present Tim Toy, the Co-Founder of the We Serve First, A Volleyball Foundation the 2022 Sports Imports/AVCA Courage Award at the AVCA Volleyball Convention in Omaha, Nebraska. Tim Toy has helped to make an incredible …
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