Net Height Adapter for SI-1

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Product code: NHA-SI-1 Gen 1
  • Allows 2 volleyball courts using a common center post to be at different net heights
  • Specifically designed for the SI-1 carbon volleyball poles
  • Simple design is easy to use
  • Made in the USA

Order the Net Height Adapter for SI-1


The NHA Net Height Adapter on your SI-1 common center volleyball pole allows you to easily obtain two different net heights (such as Women’s and Junior’s or Men’s and Women’s) at the same time while using the two volleyball nets shared set-up.

The NHA utilizes the pin holes on the upper section of your Sports Imports volleyball poles to attach at the different net heights needed. The middle pole is set at the higher of the two desired heights and set-up like normal for the higher net height side, and the NHA is placed on the middle volleyball pole to get proper volleyball net height for the lower of the two net heights. Set the outside pole of the lower net height at the normal pin-location you would typically use for the desired net height.

To attach the volleyball net height adapter to your pole, lift out the upper section of your pole and slide the NHA up the volleyball upright to your desired height and use the pin-stop provided with the NHA Net Height Adapter to lock it into place. The factory formed loop on the Senoh HM50 volleyball net attaches to the NHA using the carabiner. After attaching your volleyball nets, your volleyball team is now able to use the three volleyball poles, two courts shared set-up net system at two different net heights.

For assistance, please contact your Sports Imports Regional Representative.