Charlie Sullivan
Head Coach Men's Volleyball

Springfield College

What is one of your favorite aspects of coaching?

Building a team. Giving them the support to believe in their skills and seeing the team perform at their potential is a skill of coaching that I have always enjoyed. The adrenaline rush feels great when the team puts it all together.

Do you have a favorite road trip story?

Going to Juniata you have to finish a trip by going over a mountain. It is about a 7-8 hour bus ride from Springfield. The Juniata vs Springfield rivalry was a great one that went on during my first half tenure at SC. One trip we just got to the top of the mountain and the bus driver started to use some profanities. The back axle had broken ( or something like that ) which resulted in our bus going down the mountain with the front of the bus in the right lane and the back of the bus across the line on the other side of the road. We were all in a crash position in our seats. Why I did not demand the bus driver to pull over is beyond me but I was young and probably was worried about being late for warm-up.


What moment/event from this past season sticks out most in your mind?

When we lost to Rivier 0-3 at home. It was the first time we lost at home in a while and we had not been swept in Blake Arena since 2010. It was such a great learning experience for the team and the loss was the platform for the end of our season and post-season which included a 3-0 win over Rivier at home.


What are 5 things you can’t live without during a match?

1. Mentos ( everyone on the bench has to have one before the match)

2. At home pre-game Frankie and Johnies personal hamburger pizza. ( A local pizzeria a mile from campus )

3. My jacket and tie, khaki pants outfit. One time I forgot it on a road trip to Rivier and we got bounced.

4. My laptop.

5. My own line-up sheet. I never use the one provided or the refs give me.

Do you have a hobby or cause you are passionate about?

Just balancing life/coaching. I have three kids and it is a bummer when my wife has to single parent or I miss one of their activities because I am on an away trip with my team. My family is so supportive which is helpful. My passion is balancing two passions in proper priorities. I am also passionate about writing and proud of my first book, “Winning the Game of Belief” that I co-authored.

Please tell us something about yourself that most people would not know.

My first job out of college I was an AD and PE teacher at Marymount International School in Rome, Italy. The headmistress told me and the other PE teacher that one of us had to coach the boys’ volleyball team. I told the other teacher there is no way I am doing that. I have never even seen a volleyball match before. He said the same thing. We flipped a coin. I lost, and the first match I ever saw was the first one I coached.