Volleyball Net Antenna (Pair)

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  • What is the net antenna used for? Visual aid to judge whether a volleyball is in or out of play
  • Used at the NCAA Championships, USA Volleyball and NFHS events
  • Why is the NA2 used at the highest level? The NA2 is approved for competition play, has positive-traction molded clamps that allow for zero ladder climbing, and it is easy to attach and remove
  • Securely attaches at the top and bottom of the volleyball net cable
  • Sold in pairs
  • Learn more! How to Attach a Volleyball Net Antenna

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The Volleyball Net Antenna gives volleyball players and referees a visual aid to judge whether or not a ball is in play or out of bounds as it travels over the net. The Volleyball Net Antenna features positive-traction molded clamps that fasten firmly to the top and bottom cables. All attachments are controlled from the bottom of the antenna to eliminate ladder climbing for adjustment. No rubber caps are needed on the bottom of the antenna. The Volleyball Net Antenna are sold in pairs. Sports Imports volleyball antennas meet the standards of our partners at NCAA (National Collegiate Athletic Association), USA Volleyball, NJCAA, and the NFHS (National Federation of State High School Associations).

If you need assistance attaching the antennae to the volleyball net, our volleyball equipment how to videos are a great resource for your volleyball team. Please follow our recommended care instructions to ensure the life and sustainability of your equipment.

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