Beach Volleyball Net – 32ft (30′ X 60′ sized courts)

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Product code: SVN-32

• Perfect size for recreation beach volleyball courts
• Constructed to quickly drain water and resist sand
• Weather resistant
• Features a Technora top cable
• Achieves great net tension every time
• Customize your beach net or top net tape
• Made in the USA


Order the Beach Volleyball Net – 32ft (30′ X 60′ sized courts)


The SVN-32 beach volleyball net is designed for a 30′ X 60′ sized court and features 4″ mesh bordered by a 3″ band. The SVN features a special Technora top cable which withstands extreme force without the kinking, curling and fraying normally associated with steel cables. The cable features a strong and durable factory formed loop for secure attachment to the non-ratchet pole. It is also available in a 28′ net for 8m’ X 16m sized courts. Custom Top Net Tapes are available for the SVN Sand Net.

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