Beach Volleyball Net – 28ft

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Product code: SVN-28K
  • Perfect for competition and recreation beach volleyball courts
  • Constructed with drain holes to quickly drain water and resist sand
  • Weather Resistant
  • Features a Technora Top Cable + Kevlar rope bottom
  • Achieves great volleyball net tension every time
  • Available with a Kevlar Bottom Cable
  • Comes with net tension side straps, dowel rods, net locks and covers
  • Customize your beach volleyball net
  • Made in the USA

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This professional beach volleyball net is designed for an 8m x 16m sized court and features 4″ mesh bordered by a 3″ band. The SVN Sand Volleyball Net features a special Technora top cable which withstands extreme force without the kinking, curling and fraying normally associated with steel cables. The cable features a strong and durable factory formed loop for secure attachment to the non-ratchet outdoor volleyball pole. The Kevlar bottom net rope is strong, durable, and is made to withstand sand and outdoor environments. The SVN is also available in a 32′ net for 30′ X 60′ sized beach volleyball courts. Custom Top Net Tapes are available for the SVN Outdoor Volleyball Net. Sports Imports beach volleyball nets meet the standards of our partners at NCAA (National Collegiate Athletic Association), USA Volleyball, NJCAA, and the NFHS (National Federation of State High School Associations).

Please follow our recommended care instructions to ensure the life and sustainability of your equipment. *International shipping is available and determined by product, dimensions, weight, and location. Taxes and duties are applied separately. For assistance or questions about our volleyball equipment, please contact your Sports Imports Regional Manager.

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