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Product code: HM50-S
  • Specifically designed for a sitting volleyball court
  • Used by Team USA in the USA Volleyball National Training Facility
  • Features a Kevlar top cable and net locks to secure the bottom cable
  • Reinforced rubber corners for strength and durability
  • 31 1/2″ tall by 22′ long
  • Each net comes with dowel rods, net-locks/covers, and side straps
  • Made in the USA

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The sitting volleyball net is 31 1/2″ tall by 22′ long and has 4″ knotless webbing.  The top and sidebands are 3″ wide, and the bottom band is 2″ wide. Each net comes with net-locks for tightening the bottom rope, net-lock covers, sideline markers, wooden dowels and hook and loop side straps. Our volleyball net system instructions will guide you through the process of setting up your sitting volleyball net. For information on how to properly remove and store your volleyball net, visit our step by step guide. 

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