Vertec™ Vertical Jump Trainer

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Product code: VERTEC (Gen 2)

USED in the NFL COMbine! – the #1 Jump trainer

  • Precision Measurement: Measure and enhance your vertical jump reach with vanes marked in half-inch increments, spanning heights from 6′ to 12′. The Vertec™ ensures exact feedback for refined jump training.
  • Versatility Across Sports: Trusted by athletes in various domains, including the NFL Combine, volleyball, school gym classes, strength and conditioning, and Cross-Fit training, the Vertec™ is the best choice for anyone striving to maximize their vertical leap.
  • Design Excellence: Crafted for simplicity, the Vertec™ is easy to set up and reset, providing seamless user experience. The weighted base guarantees stability during intense training sessions, while easy-glide wheels enhance portability.
  • Safety at the Core: Prioritize safety with adjustable height using t-screws, ensuring a secure and stable training environment for athletes at any level.
  • Trusted Endorsements: Embrace the credibility of the Vertec™, endorsed by Kami Miner and by MoveLabLA in their training facility.
  • Made in Columbus, Ohio

EXCLUSIVE DRILLS: Click HERE to see the Vertec in action. Strength and Conditioning Coach, Kyle Keese, created Vertec vertical jump drills to help athletes of every sport measure their vertical jump!

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Improve your vertical jump with the Vertec™ Jump Trainer!

Immerse yourself in vertical jump training with the Vertec™ Jump Trainer, the highest-quality portable jump measurement tool. Whether you’re a volleyball coach, basketball enthusiast, personal trainer, or part of law enforcement or firefighter training programs, the Vertec™ is your key to unlocking peak performance. Easily set up and reset this jump tester, receiving immediate and accurate feedback for effective jump training. With applications across various disciplines, the Vertec™ is a staple in enhancing athletic capabilities. Elevate your training regimen with the Vertec™ Jump Trainer – where precision meets performance. The Vertec is a popular tool in kinesiology classes, various physical education classes, and even firefighter training.

Perfect for Volleyball Coaches: Combine and save by purchasing the Vertec™ with a Trainer+ volleyball setting Small Hoop. The Trainer+ stands as the most versatile volleyball setting tool on the market, enhancing your coaching repertoire. 

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