5 Best Volleyball Training Items in 2024

Volleyball Training Tools
Two Training volleyball products, the Trainer+ and Vertec

Are you a volleyball coach looking to elevate your training sessions and help your athletes reach their full potential? Volleyball training equipment can be a game-changer for both coaches and players, making practice more efficient and effective. Check out our list of must-have volleyball training tools to take your coaching game to the next level.


1. Trainer+: The Best Setting and Passing Volleyball Target

Trainer+ volleyball setting target in gym

Enhance your team’s accuracy with the Trainer+ Volleyball Target. The Trainer+ is the most versatile and premium quality volleyball setting target that is fit for every level of competition. Designed with coach input and athlete improvement in mind, this volleyball target offers endless setting and passing coaching drills with its interchangeable head frames. When you receive the Trainer+, you get a quality volleyball training tool with two hoops, two mesh nets, a weighted base for safety, and easy-glide wheels for smooth mobility in and out of the gym, freeing your gym floor from scuffs.

Practice Versatility for Trainer+ Target:

  • Trainer+ Volleyball Target: This package includes a weighted base frame and two different-sized hoops with removable nets, allowing you to adjust drills to your desired accuracy. Use the Large Hoop for your beginner or intermediate athletes and the Small Hoop for more experienced players. The hoops can be used for both volleyball passing drills and setting drills.
  • Trainer+ U-Shaped Head Attachment: The U-Shaped Head-frame is perfect for setter tempo training drills, making it an invaluable asset for your volleyball training sessions.
  • Vertec Head Frame and Reset Tool: Easily transition to jump training by switching out the hoops for the Vertec jump training tool head-frame. Jump training on the Vertec is explained in #2 and can be utilized by all sports training.

Coaching Drills and Resources for the Trainer+:


2. Vertec Jump Trainer for Vertical Improvement

Vertec Jump Trainer with measuring vanes

Jump training is crucial for not only volleyball athletes, but for players training for all sports. The Vertec Jump Testing Tool is one of the best multi-sport training tools on the market and is used by high school coaches, college programs, personal trainers, and it’s even used at the NFL Combine Vertical Leap contest. Whether you incorporate it into your practice sessions or keep it separate, plyometric exercises can significantly enhance speed and vertical jump. It’s an accurate and consistent measuring system, with vanes in half-inch increments from 6′ to 12′ in height. To monitor your players’ progress, invest in jump training equipment to set performance goals and track improvements.

Options for Jump Training Measurement Tools:

  • Vertec Vertical Jump Trainer (Free-Standing): Most popular! This patented jump trainer is perfect for tracking your athletes’ vertical throughout the year. This has the same weighted base as the Trainer+, allowing easy mobility with scuff free wheels. Includes a reset tool to easily set the vanes back into position.
  • Vertec Vertical Jump Trainer (Wall-Mounted): Ideal for gyms with limited space, this wall-mounted version of the Vertec is a space-saving jump training tool. Includes reset tool.
  • Vertec Head Frame Only: This accessory is interchangeable and complements the Trainer+ Volleyball Target for comprehensive training. Simply swap out the Vertec Head Frame with the Trainer+ hoops and start measuring! Includes reset tool.

Jump Training Drills and Resources: the Vertec


3. Coaches Box: Safe and Simple Practice Tool

volleyball-hitting-platform, volleyball-coaches-stand, volleyball-training-equipment

Volleyball Coaches Boxes (also known as Hitting Platforms) are sturdy wooden platforms that serve a wide range of purposes in training. Available in different sizes, these hitting platforms allow coaches and athletes to easily run drills at net height without having to repeatedly jump over the net to hit. The hitting platform also provides stability for players to swing from net height and practice blocking without jumping. The non-slip top platform ensures you feel secure while running drills. Coaches Boxes have handles for portability and are easily foldable for convenient storage in small spaces, fitting neatly into a car, and are suitable for both indoor volleyball and beach volleyball.

Size Options for Coaches Boxes:

  • CB18 and CB24 Standard Volleyball Coaches Box: These boxes are the standard sizes but vary in two height options depending on your preference. Offers a secure hitting platform for volleyball athletes and coaches to stand at net height and run training drills.
  • CB18-XL and CB24-XL Extra Large Volleyball Coaches Box: Want a wider platform for volleyball practices? The XL versions are the platforms for you! Allows coaches and players to move from side to side easily during volleyball drills and training. Consider using two volleyball coaches platforms across the court for full net coverage.

Volleyball Training Drills and Resources for the Coaches Box


4. BC1 Volleyball Ball Cart: The Ultimate Ball Storage Solution

custom volleyball ball cartThe BC1 Ball Cart is a premium-quality addition to your volleyball coaching arsenal that meets the high standards you expect from Sports Imports products. This volleyball storage cart offers a convenient setup, hooded hammock, smooth gliding wheels for seamless mobility, and a host of practical features that will streamline your volleyball practices and training. See below for a full features list. Get a fully-customized BC1 Ball Cart with your team’s logo and colors and Sports Import’s designers will create a design mock up for free!

Key Features of the BC1 Volleyball Ball Cart:

  • Lockable Zipper Bag: The BC1 comes with a lockable zipper bag capable of holding up to 50 volleyballs. The bag can be easily removed thanks to hook and loop attachments, making it a breeze to transport and store your volleyballs.
  • Rollerblade-Style Lockable Wheels: Say goodbye to worries about damaging gym floors. The BC1 portable volleyball cart is equipped with rollerblade-style lockable wheels, allowing the ball cart to glide effortlessly across the gym with floor protection in mind.
  • Two Storage Options: The cart features a hooded hammock design, allowing you to switch between two storage options. The hammock option allows volleyballs to rest on top of the cart at hip height, while the full cart option can be used to fill the entire cart. This volleyball cart makes retrieving balls during practice quick and hassle-free.
  • Interior Pockets: Inside the cart, you’ll find two generously sized pockets. These pockets are perfect for storing crank handles, coaching accessories, or any other essentials you need for your training sessions.

Volleyball Storage Cart Resources


5. Volleyball Net Training Equipment

colorful volleyball net training tape

Use your volleyball net as a versatile training tool for all positions. Sports Imports offers customizable Top Net Tapes, allowing coaches to section the net based on their preferences. These visual targets help players improve their skills, especially for visual learners.


Options for Volleyball Net Training:



By incorporating volleyball training equipment into your coaching routine, you’re setting your team up for success. These tools improve efficiency, help athletes reach their goals, and elevate the overall quality of your training sessions. Don’t hesitate to reach out to our regional representatives if you have any questions about volleyball equipment.

For additional instructional videos and in-depth information about volleyball equipment, visit Sports Imports on YouTube. We’re committed to providing coaches with the resources they need to excel in their coaching journey.