Kami Miner’s Inspirational Volleyball Journey

Sports Imports Catches a Shooting Star: Kami Miner

Kami Miner, setter of the Stanford Women’s Volleyball team, shares her story with Sports Imports: “when I began to immerse myself in the setting position, I truly did fall in love with it. I love being the team leader and being able to touch the ball every play.” Miner is now entering her third collegiate volleyball season and is consistently challenging herself, working for excellence and aiming to win a national championship. Ultimately her goal is to play in the Olympic Games in 2028 and/or 2032.


Miner’s journey into volleyball began at the age of 9, initially exploring tennis and soccer. Starting as a middle and outside hitter, it wasn’t until the age of 13 that Miner tried the setting position. “Growing up, I was always pigeon holed into hitting positions that did not allow me to fully maximize my athletic potential. It took specific coaches to recognize my talent as a setter and give me the opportunity to develop into the player that I am today.”

Kami Miner Volleyball Setter for Stanford


The entire time Miner was in middle school and high school, she trained six days a week, often multiple times a day, either with her club team or with her dad and younger brother. “I have fond memories of setting in the living room of my childhood home and narrowly missing the massive chandelier while trying to learn how to set with tempo.” 


The influence of Miner’s family has played a pivotal role in shaping her athletic career. Her father was a former NBA player and standout at the University of Southern California. “I trained countless hours with him and my younger brother from nine years old up until I left for my freshman year of college,” Miner remembers. “I really owe the majority of my success in both athletics and my character as a person to him and my mom because volleyball is traditionally not a diverse sport.”


As one of the few black setters in collegiate and professional volleyball, Miner acknowledges the importance of her role as a groundbreaker. “Growing up, there were virtually no black setters at the professional or collegiate level so my family played a critical role in instilling the confidence in me to chase after my dreams of being great in the setting role,” Miner says. “I am most proud of the power that I have as a black female athlete to inspire young girls to step out of their comfort zone and chase after their dreams.”

Kami Miner Volleyball Setter with the Trainer+

Having achieved the dream of competing at the highest level of collegiate sports with Stanford, Miner shares “I am proud of my ability to chase after goals despite whatever challenging factors lie ahead of me. I am proud that I stuck with the setting position even though it would have been “easier” for me to remain an outside hitter.”


When looking at the future, Miner has clear aspirations for her professional volleyball career. “After college I plan to immediately begin my professional career overseas, hopefully in Italy or Turkey. I will also be training with the USA National Team in hopes of making the final roster for the Olympic Games. I am majoring in economics and hope to pursue a career in finance and business following the conclusion of my volleyball career.”

Kami’s Exclusive Volleyball Training Tips


Kami Miner’s journey of becoming a top level setter for the Stanford Women’s Volleyball team is a testament to perseverance, dedication, and familial support. As one of the few black setters in collegiate volleyball, Miner embraces her role as a trailblazer, inspiring young girls to pursue their dreams fearlessly. Kami’s story serves as a powerful testament to the impact of determination and breaking barriers in the pursuit of excellence. Guided by coaches who recognized her unique talent, Miner’s training regimen, often with her family, laid the foundation for her success.


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