Mini Volleyball Net

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Product code: MVN
  • Mini Volleyball Nets are perfect for younger volleyball players
  • May be used for Physical Education (PE) Classes
  • Lightweight volleyball net
  • Durable and strong

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mini volleyball net


The Mini-Volleyball Net shall be 19’ 6” long and 32 inches wide with a black polyethylene mesh square measuring 4″x4″. The net has a white polyester binding on the top and bottom. This mini-volleyball net also has a 28’ 6” braided top rope with side ties. Mini-volleyball is a popular physical education version of volleyball for younger ages. Mini-Volleyball is typically played on a badminton size court. Mini-volleyball nets are light, durable, and strong. For information on how to properly remove and store your mini-volleyball net, visit our step by step guide. 

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