What Makes Sports Imports Volleyball Nets the Best?

Professional Senoh Volleyball Net


The Sports Imports HM50 Competition Indoor Volleyball Net is the world’s most popular professional volleyball net, and is exclusively manufactured by Senoh for Sports Imports.  This heavy duty volleyball net is the volleyball industry standard and leader, and is used at all of the NCAA Championship matches.  Over 90% of Division I Colleges and Universities are playing on Sports Imports Net Systems because we are the most recognized volleyball net system in the world.  Our volleyball nets may also be seen at the center of the Girl’s and Boy’s Junior National Championships and at the USA Volleyball Training Center.  The top cable of the volleyball net is made from an aramid fiber known as Technora, which prevents kinking, curling, and fraying normally associated with steel cables.

The dimensions of the HM50 Technora Volleyball Net include a length of 32’ and a width of 1 meter (or 39”).  The top corners of the net are reinforced with rubber for increased durability.  The HM50 is black and has knotless nylon mesh measuring 4”X4” at each square, and has 2” white double thickness binding on all four sides of the net.  On each end of the Senoh volleyball net contain end sleeves for wooden dowels, and a ¼” diameter Technora fiber cable that is 47’ in length and runs through the top binding of the net.  There is also a continuous nylon rope that is 43’ in length that runs through the bottom of the net.  The professional volleyball net comes with net-locks with covers for tightening the bottom rope, wooden dowel rods, sideline markers, Velcro-side straps, and is backed by a one year warranty.

We also offer our HM50-XL Extra Long Competition Volleyball Net for indoor volleyball net systems that are more than 38’ apart.  This volleyball net is identical to the HM50 with the exception of the length of the top cable.  To help accommodate your XL volleyball net, we offer the VSS1-XL Velcro side straps to help tighten your net.  

At Sports Imports, we offer the strongest, most durable volleyball net with options to customize it to help promote team spirit.  The Sports Imports TNT: Volleyball Top Net Tape is a separate piece of vinyl that attaches to your net using Velcro.  The top net tape can be customized using your school’s official colors and logo, repeating over the full length of the net.  Our custom top net tapes are also available for our beach volleyball nets as well.  The TNT: Volleyball Top Net Tape meets NCAA and NFHS rules.  

Sports Imports volleyball net accessories help keep your regulation volleyball net tight and durable.  Our volleyball net antennas feature positive traction molded clamps that fasten firmly to the top and bottom cables.  All attachments are controlled from the bottom of the antenna to eliminate ladder climbing for adjustment.  

Proper indoor volleyball net storage will prolong the life of your net.  We recommend walking with the net and folding it as you go.  We feel this process is faster than using a net winding device, and it takes up less storage in your closet.  After walking the net off the court, we suggest hanging your net on a WR10: Net Wall Rack.  

At Sports Imports, we understand that time is valuable when you are a volleyball coach.  The volleyball net, like all components of the Sports Imports Volleyball Net System is specially designed with the coach in mind.  Easy and quick to set up, easy and quick to take down.  We provide superior performance with the right net height and right tension every time.

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