Founder of BYOP® Launches New Program

Ruth N. Nelson, creator of BYOP® and the newly launched GoKids Youth Sports™ shares how both programs continue to grow and flourish

November 27, 2018

GoKids Youth Sports™ (GKYS™) is the latest program to be launched by Ruth N. Nelson, founder of BYOP®: Bring your Own Parent® Volleyball Program.  With over 40 years of expertise, Nelson says her purpose of the new program is two-fold.

  1. Provide training and certification of parents, elementary school teachers, recreational coaches and youth club coaches
  2. Provide sports skills training, clinics, and camps for kids and youth ages 7 and under (Level 1) and ages 8 and up (Level 2).


According to USA Volleyball’s Membership Services, there has been a 196% increase in youth volleyball participation for 8 and under over the last 5 years (2013-2017). Due to the demand for qualified and certified trainers for this age group, Nelson felt adding GKYS™ to her already successful lineup of programs and certifications was a perfect opportunity to get parents, elementary school teachers recreational coaches and youth club coaches involved and trained.  The first in-person GKYS™ certification was conducted in Dallas this past summer where 5 GKYS™ Skills Trainers from a variety of states became officially certified in the program.  Next month, in addition to more dates for In-Person Certified GKYS™ Skills Trainer sessions, the Online Provisional GKYS™ Skills Trainer certification will launch.  Both options include a GKYS™ online membership, which is stocked with video clips of teaching content and methodology, available to members 24 hours a day. Since launching, Nelson says the response has been fantastic.  Youth, parents, elementary school teachers, and recreational and youth club coaches are ready to take advantage of this training and certification.


Even with the successful addition of  GKYS™ to Nelson’s program offering, BYOP®  has not lost any momentum.  The third class of Certified BYOP® Instructors was recently trained, which included 20 hours of classroom learning and on-court training with kids and parents.  In order to complete training, each instructor presented a classroom theoretical portion of the course and conducted an on-court practicum.   All of the instructors are experienced teachers and trainers who Nelson says will enhance the quality of the program.


In addition, BYOP® programs have been added in Chicago, Illinois; Edmond, Oklahoma and Nacogdoches, Seguin, and Wichita Falls, Texas to the earlier list of Southern California; Cincinnati, OH; Dallas, TX; Oklahoma City, OK and Phoenix, AZ. Both GKYS™Certification and BYOP® Programs will be featured at the December 2018 MasterCoaches Championship Skills Series Coaching Clinics presented by Baden in Renton, Washington.


Ruth started these programs because she believes that there are many opportunities to compete, but there are fewer opportunities for kids to receive quality training in the physical elements of performance and the fundamental skills of volleyball. Both are necessary for kids to be able to participate in an organized event while enjoying the game. She says, “currently, kids are being exposed to sports at an earlier age – more than ever before. They are even being guided to specialize in a position within a sport; furthermore, they are expected to select one sport at an earlier age. Young players simply do not have the necessary strength and agility to be successful using a ball that has been designed for older, higher-level players. They need equipment appropriate to their age and developmental abilities. Over the past 7 years, I worked with Baden Sports directly and field-tested volleyballs so that the most appropriate size, weight and cover was suitable.”  She continues, “kids need to be kids with the opportunity to play multiple sports and/or activities at this age in order to maximize their development (socially, physically, intellectually, mentally, emotionally and psychologically). It may also avoid the chance for major injuries. If kids are allowed to play multiple sports and all positions within those sports, they have a better understanding of the game and a better opportunity to develop their love and passion for the sport. Being a one-dimensional player limits their knowledge and experiences.”

There are big plans for both GKYS™ and BYOP® in 2019.  Ruth shared insight into just some of what is planned for next year.

  1. Online Provisional Certification of GKYS™ will continue to be a priority since people want to train and coach kids.  This is a simple, cost-effective process to provide essential knowledge, a successful teaching methodology, an 8-Week Training Program, and video clips demonstrating what is done and how to do it. In addition, the Online Provisional Certification includes membership, which provides access to this information 24-7 and flexibility to focus on skill development for each training session when they have time.
  2. At least 2-5 training sites will host the in-person Training and Certification of GKYS™ Skills Trainers, including Chicago on March 10. The yearly National Training and Certification of GKYS™ Skills Trainers will be conducted in Dallas, Texas, July 15-18.
  3. Presentations for BYOP® and GKYS™ will include the Art of Coaching Clinic in Texas as well as national exposure with the Master Coaches Championship Skills Series Coaching Clinics in Chicago, Dallas, Austin, Houston, Grand Rapids, Toronto, and Vancouver presented by Baden.
  4. Continued development of relationships with school districts by promoting the BYOP® 101 Course and Home Training Program Series™ Course as well as the BYOP® and GKYS™ Certification

For more information, or to get started with  BYOP® or GKYS™ please visit the following websites.

Link to BYOP® 101 Online Course

Link to Home Training Program Series™ Course

Link to BYOP®

Link to GKYS™ Certification Program

Attending the AVCA Convention in Minneapolis in December?  Be sure to stop by the Baden booth to speak with Ruth N. Nelson about both programs.