Volleyball Training Equipment: A Guide For Coaches

Volleyball Training Tools
Indoor Volleyball Training Equipment

Adding volleyball training equipment to a volleyball program can help benefit both the coaches and athletes by making practice time more efficient.  By varying types of equipment, coaches are able to target both offensive and defensive positions.  If you are a coach looking for ideas to help supplement your volleyball training, we’ve developed a quick volleyball training equipment guide below.  




Jump training for volleyball players is imperative throughout the season.  Some coaches believe in incorporating jump training into their practice naturally, and other coaches believe in keeping their jump training separate from the practice.  Volleyball plyometric exercises when incorporated help players move faster on the court, and help players increase their vertical jump. To help coaches gain a better understanding of each athlete, it’s important to measure standing reach and vertical jump at the start of the season with a jump training tool.  Jump training equipment gives athletes a goal to work toward during the season, and allows them to track their improvement.  

vertec jump training for volleyball

Product Options for Jump Training Measurement: 
  • The VERTEC: Vertec Vertical Jump Trainer – the original jump trainer with a patented design is the perfect volleyball training tool for coaches to track an athlete’s vertical throughout the year. 
  • The VER-WM1: Vertec Vertical Jump Trainer is the wall-mounted version of the Vertec and is a great jump training tool that attaches to your gym wall to help with limited storage space.


Coaches often use their volleyball net as a training tool for all positions. To help assist the coach with instruction, Sports Imports offers fully customizable Top Net Tapes, as well as a standard Training Top Net Tape.  The customizable Top Net Tape allows the coach to section the net based on setting zones, defensive zones, hitting zones, or even serving zones based on the coach’s preference. Using Top Net Tape training equipment allows players to have visual targets which helps assist the visual learners on a team.  

volleyball net training top net tape

volleyball net training equipment from Sports Imports

Product Options for Volleyball Net Training: 
  • The T-TNT-C: Multi-Colored Training Top Net Tape created by Sports Imports was the first-ever released training top net tape and comes in nine different colored zones which allows for a wide array of training options for coaches. 
  • The T-TNT-BW: Numbered Training Top Net Tape is a black and white version of the training top net tape with nine numbered zones for zone-specific drills and much more. 
  • Sports Imports Custom Top Net Tape is fully customizable allowing coaches to create their own training top net tape that fits within their volleyball program training methods.




Volleyball Coaches Boxes are used for a wide variety of purposes, and the patented design is now available in a range of different sizes. The Coaches Box is helpful for coaches to be able to stand at net height to be able to hit at players from different angles, and also offer a block without jumping.  Many coaches use two or more coaches boxes so that drills can be run across the entire net. The non-slip top platform allows coaches to feel secure and balanced while running drills. Coaches Boxes also allow players to swing from net height and block as well, which enables players to see the volleyball court from a new perspective.  The Coaches Box also folds up easily to just 3 inches wide to store nicely in small storage spaces.  The portability of the Coaches Box make it easy to use for both indoor and beach volleyball.  Attaching a carrying strap to the Coaches Box also creates ease of mobility for carrying and traveling.  Adding accessories such as an Indoor Ball Cart with the Top Cart attachment to the coaches box can help a coach run volleyball practices more efficiently.   

Volleyball Coaches Boxes

Product Options for Coaches: 
  • The CB18 and CB24: Volleyball Coaches box allows coaches to be able to vary drills using a platform, and also allows both athletes and coaches to stand at net height.  The CB18 stands 18 inches tall with a 29″ x 29″ top platform.  The CB24 stands 24 inches tall with a 29″ x 29″ platform. 
  • The CB24-XL: Coaches Box – XL offers the same variety of use as the standard size, but has a wider platform to give coaches the ability to move from side to side easily.   The XL Coaches Box stands 24 inches tall with a 47″ x 29″ platform.  We recommend using two CB24-XL at a time for the ability to run drills across the entire length of the net. 
  • We recommend that each volleyball coach has at least one Indoor Ball Cart, or more if space allows. 
  • The Top Cart, which attaches to the ball cart allows coaches to easily retrieve balls while standing on the coaches box at net height.
  • The Top Cart doubles as an addition to your ball cart, and can stand alone as a small ball cart, or a travel ball cart as well.

This coaches box, ball cart/top cart combo video demonstrates ways to utilize volleyball training equipment during practice.

By supplementing a program with volleyball training equipment, coaches will help a team improve and reach their goals throughout the season.  Our regional representatives are prepared to assist coaches with any volleyball equipment related questions.  For more volleyball equipment related instructional videos, visit Sports Imports on YouTube.